Super-Fast Video Converter 2021: Aicoosoft Video Converter Ultimate Review

Rohan Mathew

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If you are looking for a super-fast video converter that will provide you the ease of use then we just have an analysis of video converters and we discover that Aicoosoft Video Converter is the best and Super-fast video Converter that is available in the market. It can edit, download, compress, record and convert your video. You don’t have to worry about the formats as this converter supports up to 1000+ formats and you can convert your video in any format easily. Aicoosoft gives its users 24/7 support and its become a popular video converter around the world among their users. You can easily use this software on Windows and Mac.

Part 1. How Fast Aicoosoft Video Converter is?

Super-fast speed made Aicoosoft video converter more popular than any other converter. Aicoosoft gives you 30X conversion speed which is unmatchable for any other video converter. Why this converter is lightning fast then here are some key features that play a major role in this converter functionality;

  • Advance AI Technology of Aicoosoft video converter increases the conversion rate and output of the video.
  • You can alter any type of video without the worry of losing video quality.
  • With his accelerated GPU, you can Converter your video in no time.
  • The conversion speed is also increased by optimizing the multi-core processors.

Part 2. How best are the other functions of Aicoosoft Video Converter

After pointing out some key features, here are some functions of Aicoosoft video converter:

  • Video Conversion

Video converting is the leading feature of Aicoosoft Video Converter. This software can convert your video into more than 1000 audio/video formats, and allow you to convert your video for any device. The converted formats are WMA, M4A, AAC, FLAC, MKV, MP4, AVI, MP3, WAV etc. You can change the frame rate, sample rate, bitrate and resolution of your output video. It supports 4K and HD formats such as H265, 1080P, H264(AVC) for the different devices like Huawei and iPhone etc. 

Test Details

Below we have just converted an MP4 video into HD 1080P and you can check the result.               

We just converted our MP4 video into HD in less than 2 minutes.

Here we just converted three files of random size to random formats to check the batch conversion.

You can see how all these files are converted into AVI from MP4 format.

Suppose if you want to convert a 20 MB video file in other converters, it takes almost 6 minutes and 3 seconds while if you are converting it in Aicoosoft then it will take less than 16 seconds to convert your file. This result will amaze you and this speed itself prove that Aicoosoft is lightning Super-fast converter.

  • Video Downloading

Aicoosoft can be used as a video downloader and you can download your favorite videos from popular websites in a matter of a second.

Test Details

We just downloaded a random video from YouTube to show that this converter is quite useful for downloading videos.

As we said, it takes only 5-6 seconds to download a video from YouTube.

We also download video from Famous Platform like Dailymotion and Facebook and it passed all the test. One feature that inspired us most that this converter can help you to download videos with subtitles and can convert your video in different formats after downloading.

  • Video Editing

Aicoosoft said to be an all-rounder as it also used as a video editor.  You can trim your video and remove unwanted part from your video and can merge two videos. You can add effects, subtitles and also reduce the unwanted background noises.

Test Details

To testing video converter, we just edit a random video and we just cut unwanted parts, save them and deleted them in just a few clicks. You can save these files collectively or separately.

 You will be amazed by the results when you add black and white effect to your video.

 We adjusted the audio level of audio in Aicoosoft, surprisingly Aicoosoft also passes this test with ease.

  • Video Compression

You can compress unlimited videos with Aicoosoft video compressor. You can compress easily 4K/HD file into different devices formats such as iPhone, Huawei, Go Pro without losing of video quality while compressing.

Test Details

 For testing, we just added a 900 MB file of MP4 for compressing and it reduces the size to 200 MB with output format of MOV.

We just compressed a larger size file into small size file without any loss of quality.

  • Video Recording:

Aicoosoft going to be a very important tool for students. With Aicoosoft, they manage to record their zoom classes. It also helps to record tutorial and online videos of pre-recorded lectures. You can record your video games and share this with your friends to show you gaming skills. You can customize the settings and you can choose to record the voice between Microphones or from system voice.

Test Details

We just recorded a famous Pac-Man game, and Aicoosoft completed this test as well.

Few more test conducted to check this feature, and Aicoosoft passed all test comprehensively.

Part 3. Is it worth buying?

After checking all the Features and testing, 

Now the question here is, it is worth buying tool? then let’s discuss the top video converter and compare them to check their features and prices.

Before comparing features, Aicoosoft is already a winner as it is available for just $29.99 whereas Uniconverter and VideoProc cost $39.95 and 59.95 respectively. If you are a newbie and don’t know how to use a video converter then Aicoosoft is best for you. Its user-friendly interface helps you to use it easily. Other video converters have a complicated and not user-friendly interface. 

You can download YouTube video and convert it into MP3 format with just one click. Aicoosoft supports 1000+ Formats with custom compression, batch compression, recording, editing and fast converting which gives an advantage on other video converters. These key features are missing in these well-known converters, like Unifonverter and VideoProc. If any other video converter has these features then you would spend a lot of money to buy those converters, which will be not a wise choice as you have a user-friendly, budget-friendly and loaded with lots of features in form of Aicoosoft video converter.

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Part 4. Conclusion

If you want to buy a video converter then you should go with Aicoosoft video converter. We summarized all the features and conducted all the test and we find it best and this converter proved itself by its performance and its features. This video converter made your money worth pay.