The benefits of methadone treatment for addiction

Rohan Mathew

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If your teen is addicted to opioids like heroin and other substances, then you need professional advice. The same goes for your family members, loved ones, or even you if you are in the clutches of opioid addiction. When it comes to rehabilitation from hardcore drug usage, you need several therapy options to rid your body of the toxic substance and manage the psychological effects of long-term use. 

Effective opioid addiction treatment considers CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and the 12-step drug rehab programs for narcotics and alcohol. However, when it comes to detoxification, the critical step towards making a comfortable recovery while managing the withdrawal symptoms is the MAT or the Medication Assisted Treatment. 

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Managing withdrawal symptoms is key

When an individual is addicted to opioids like heroin and other substances, it is vital to remember that psychological dependency is a considerable detoxification aspect. Most of the withdrawal symptoms are a direct result of the psychological disbalances within the signs. Rehabilitation is stopping drug use, which means the withdrawal effects will be acute – from nausea, headaches, loss of appetite to stroke in severe cases. This is where MAT comes into play to ease the effects of the withdrawals

How does MAT work?

MAT or medication-assisted treatment allows a drug user to gradually wean off the drug instead of the “cold-turkey” approach. Several medications are used globally in case of opioid addiction, including Methadone, Buprenorphine, and Naltrexone. Some of these drugs are synthetic analogs of the drug, allowing you to gradually get rid of the habit or are effective receptor blockers that don’t allow you to enjoy the “high” after using it. Whichever MAT mode is prescribed in your case you need to know about it in details. Medication assistance will let you go through the withdrawal period without the severe symptoms. 

Are there any negatives?

If you are looking for local methadone clinics for drug de-addiction, there is a warning that you need to heed at all times. Keep in mind that methadone is an opioid drug itself, and often non-prescribed usage will need to complex problems, including an addiction to methadone itself. This is why it is critical to check-in a residential rehab facility that undertakes MAT for drug de-addiction. 

It is also vital to understand that MAT will allow you to get rid of the drugs from your system. But when it comes to developing the mental barriers and self-censorship power to avoid the stressors, therapy approaches are the best. So, suppose you are looking for comprehensive addiction therapy. In that case, you need to leverage internet resources for a methadone treatment locator along with several therapy options that will take care of your psychological problems as well. 

Here are the main benefits of MAT for drug addiction treatment. 

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Reduction of harm

As stated in the previous section, MAT should also include vital therapy and the 12-step programs. You can access all the therapy options at a professional rehab center. Withdrawal from a cold-turkey approach can prove to be risky in specific individuals depending on the extent of the addiction and the person’s constitution. 

Often withdrawal symptoms produce mild symptoms that include nausea and loss of appetite, and in severe cases, it can even lead to heart attacks and strokes. MAT takes into account the harmful withdrawal symptoms and manages the symptoms better than any other therapy option. 

According to experts, MAT allows you to complete the detox process without the loss of inspiration from the severe withdrawal symptoms. This enables you to go for all the therapy actively approaches for addiction’s mental and psychological aspects. 

Final words for MAT

According to medical experts, there is no black and white regarding MAT’s efficacy for addiction treatment. It is vital to understand that every addiction case is different, and therefore there is no standard procedure for treating addiction issues. Keep in mind that medical professionals should only prescribe MAT after a detailed case-study and negotiation about your complications. 

MAT is all about allowing an individual to cope with the withdrawal symptoms better or even comfortably. This, in turn, provides inspiration and motivation to go through all the therapy sessions, group sessions, and 12-step programs to manage the psychological aspects of the problem. Methadone treatment will help a person remove the toxic drug from the system. Still, you will also need intensive therapy and self-belief to address the mental processes altered by addiction. 

This is why a rehab stint is exceptionally crucial for heroin, opioid, or any other type of addiction and other related issues. Inpatient rehab will teach you real-life skills to cope with the stressors and ignoring the pangs of wanting to use once you leave the rehab facility to join the real world. All the best!