The Best Online Prototyping Tool for Designers and Product Manager

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Designers have to keep a lot of things in mind when they’re preparing something because design looks beautiful but there is a lot of thought process that goes behind it so it is important to be serious and to the design diligently for which a lot of tools are available to help them.

The Best Online Prototyping Tool for Designers:

Wondershare Mockitt  is one of the best tools because it helps you to design prototypes easily who will be able to enhance and illustrate your ideas better for your clients. It has many features that makes it great like:

  • It has a library which is full of a sets and templates which can be used to bring customization into your work flow as a designer easily.
  • You can also work together on the same page as a team and with this you can see the changes made by your team mates in real time when you are creating prototypes.
  • It allows an organized communication which helps keep all the communication around your projects organized so that there is a intuitive comment system for prototypes as well as designs.
  • Also if your client does not have an app which they need then you can built it using this prototype tool as it allows to make an app  in an easy and efficient manner
  • It is also extremely friendly for the developers as it optimizes the various efforts of your design and development and how’s the browser based inspect and explore tools for the same.
  • It also comes with customizable visibility where you can share a single document or your entire project to the various clients by simply providing them with URLs or customizing the visibility settings of your project. Hence you can create interactive prototypes easily for your clients and in order to impress them.


Prototyping tools help in producing digital products and there are design tools which help as web creation tools. These tools help in making product creation much more effective and much faster. They demonstrate ideas and can also change completely the way that you design.

Nowadays clients are always looking for prototypes that are interactive as they give them an overview of the design interactions and ideas of the designer. The sharing abilities are actually what makes prototypes special. The ability to work fast on different versions of your ideas and then share them with the client which is the real changer of the game.

Some other online prototyping tools that can be of help are: 

  • Sigma is a tool that helps you in making accessibility and collaboration easy if you are a  UX designer or developer. If you are somebody has worked with sketch before then Sigma is very similar to it . Sigma has some flexible styles that can help you control the appearance of the tax and other elements across a project.
  • Another tool is the Invasion studio. This was released quite recently in 2011 and it has a very good reputation and many well designed tools to help you make an impression on the client. The designers get a power to put together many functional prototypes extremely easily and quickly. There are so many nice features that include a repeatable component which can be changed.
  • Another tool that can really help you is the Adobe XD. It is a vector based system that helps to put together prototypes and includes many tools for creating interactions and transitions. Because of being vector based it makes scaling and resizing elements extremely easy. It works well with other apps from the Adobe family.
  • Another prototyping tool is the Axure RP 6 that helps you too easily wire frame and prototype both in one package. It allows the designer to create either high or low resolution or interactive prototypes of websites and apps. It has everything that is needed in order to build interactivity visuals and organization. It is also a tool that facilities a better hand off to the developers by letting a prototype be published with all the code in their own cloud.
  • Origami studio also allows Facebook designers to build their own app without any issues. If the designers need an advance system then this to do has many powerful prototyping tools in order to help them. It is a Patch editor which also allows building on behaviors logic animation and interaction.
  • Another one that works date is just in mind. It allows gathering momentum because it is also very powerful tool. It has the drag and drop functionalities and many other capabilities that can help create the most simplest and sophisticated of apps.

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If you look around nowadays there are many different and extremely efficient prototyping and developing tools that have been made available for designers to make the tasks much more simple and easier so that they can have the opportunity to present fine and detailed works to their clients.