The Best Recipe For Biang Biang Noodles

Rohan Mathew

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Imagine yourself on a Saturday night and you just had a great night out with friends. You had a couple of drinks and after enjoying the night even more, you decide that it’s finally time to call it a night and head home. Then your stomach grumbles —you realize that you are starving and that you haven’t had anything to eat for awhile. You are tired of the usual fast-food fixes so you want to try something new but you do not know where to start. 

An unlikely but very good choice that you can consider is one of the staples of Shaanxi-Chinese cuisine, Biang Biang noodles. When it comes to delicious, thick, chewy, pungent, and spicy noodles, these are absolutely hard to beat. If you cannot find this at a restaurant near you, fear not, here is the ultimate guide to preparing the best Biang Biang noodles you have ever tried.

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The Proof Is In the Dough

For these noodles it is OK to use plain flour for all purposes but make sure that the protein levels could range from somewhere between 10% and 12%. Make sure that the protein level does not exceed this because you would run the risk of the deal becoming too elastic. Try to use water with a flower ratio of 1 to 2 in weight.

Let It Rest

Once you have your flour, water, and some sea salt – all you need now is a little bit of time and a whole lot of waiting. You probably already know that every good thing in this world is worth waiting for, this definitely includes some of the best noodles that you will ever taste. 

Stage 1

Of course when you let the dough rest, you do not just leave it alone. First you need to need the dough roughly with your hands so that you combine the three ingredients that we mentioned earlier — the flower, the water, and the sea salt. After you need it, wait for about 10 to 15 minutes until you do it again. This will give the noodles for more texture.

Stage 2

The next thing you need to do is divide your dough and cut it up into tiny pieces after dipping each piece in a little bit of oil. Once you have done this then it is time to rest it again for an hour or more.

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Stage 3

After the hour has expired you then flatten the dough piece and turn it into somewhat of a rectangular shape. After this, it is not the time to start pulling because you want it to rest yet again.

Pull The Noodles Properly

now comes the ultimate step — pulling. This is something that is going to need a little bit of practice because it really is a very old-school cooking technique that cannot be solved by modern gadgets, it is something that you are going to have to do 100% by your hands so you are going to have to perfect the technique over time.

Once you have learned to pull the noodles correctly, all there is left to do is to create a pungent and spicy dressing that will give your noodles an extra kick to them. use the traditional ingredients of oil, chili flakes, some chili powder, some Sichuan peppers, and a little bit of scallions. Once we have that in place then it is time for the final and most important step of all — grab a pair of chopsticks and feast on some of the most delicious Chinese food you have ever had in your life, enjoy!