The Future Perspective of Automating Your Life

Rohan Mathew

Now, we cannot imagine our lives without automated systems. And indeed, they have changed the way we live, work, and communicate. However, many more things are yet to come. The most significant changes start from your home. So, let us start with the home automation projects.

Ideas for Home Automation

While many people still believe that home automation isn’t cheap, many things have changed. For example, you don’t need to buy ready items. Instead, you can purchase micro electric actuators and build with them whatever you need.

A TV Lift

If you have been dreaming about a TV lift, it is time to get it. The choice of absolutely different TV lift systems amazes, as well as their prices. However, if you believe that this investment is not affordable yet, you can make an installation on your own.

All you need to build a hidden TV lift system is:

  • An old cabinet.
  • A lift system or an actuator.
  • A TV-set.
  • Tools to process wood.

Once you have the needed items, you can start with the project. 

In the cabinet top, make an opening to let the TV set pass. In the cabinet, fix the actuator or the lift system. Install the TV set on it. 

That’s it, your TV lift is ready. In an extended position, the actuator moves the TV set up through the opening in the cabinet top. In a retracted position, the TV set hides inside of the cabinet.

A Height-Adjustable Desk

If you have planned to purchase a height-adjustable desk but still haven’t done it, it is time to build one. 

Get a lifting system. The good thing is that they are sold in a set with all the needed components. All you need to add is a desk top. You can either use one that you have or order a new desk top.

Once your lifting system has arrived, you can fix the desk top on it, and that’s it. Your new desk is ready to use.

There are many DIY projects for the home. You can modernize your kitchen by installing drop-down racks and popup lift columns with platforms for kitchen devices you have been always dreaming about. You can automate the bed frame and set up a convenient storage space beneath. Or what about remaking your garage by fixing drop-down hooks and shelves? You can search for many more ideas on the web. Detailed instructions are available, too.

You can automate not only your home but your garden, too. There are plenty of amazing ideas on how to make lift patio furniture with lifting columns. Such items will allow you to create a nice dining space and liberate the place to allow kids to run and enjoy the freedom. 

Automation Is Changing All the Fields in the Industry

Along with our homes, automation has penetrated all industrial fields. Moreover, in some cases, the automation influence cannot be under-evaluated.


In medicine, automated devices have revolutionized the approach to patient treatment. While just a couple of generations ago, microsurgeries were impossible, now, they are routine. Now, robots can perform the finest intrusions. Even though all manipulations are managed by surgeons, but without automated devices, such intrusions would be impossible. 

Along with the most advanced robots, we constantly use hospital beds, adjustable chairs, lifts – these simpler devices facilitate patient care and allow patients to be more independent. 


Automation is irreplaceable in pharmacology where even minute changes in component content might be crucial to the preparation efficiency. Along with top accuracy, the top repeatability and consistency level are a must during the preparation of medicines. These all requirements can be addressed only with automation.


The aerospace industry would not exist without automated solutions. We even don’t mention such evident things as spaceships. Take all equipment needed to go to open space, to live in a space station, and similar – everywhere we see automated solutions and robotics. 

Handling and Transportation

In transportation, we mostly use automated solutions for loading, unloading, and moving goods. Here, actuator-based machines are the most convenient to be used due to some features of electric actuators such as:

  • Ease of management;
  • Affordability;
  • The absence of need in maintenance;
  • Accuracy of movement and positioning. 

That’s why these devices are irreplaceable in the transportation industry.

Some Words to Wrap up

Along with these more global examples, you can find automated devices everywhere. They open and close doors in business- and shopping centers, they replace us at work and perform there monotonous and repetitive tasks, and they do many more things that we find boring or dangerous. In the future, we expect the devices to be more advanced, much smarter, and able to perform even more tasks. We, in turn, will be able to concentrate on those realms that require a non-standard approach and creativity.