The Top 10 Pemf Machines

Rohan Mathew

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Pemf therapy mat and Machines are pretty widespread and used by every other person to increase productivity and life quality. Pemf Mats are the most used due to their ease of use but buying the right one is quite tricky. With various choices available, it becomes pretty challenging to decide which Pemf mats to opt for. For you, we have conducted extensive market research and curated a list of the top 10 Pemf machines to choose from. Let’s dive in to get a quick overview of Pemf machines and the best ones present in the industry:

HealthyLine Platinum 7224


A newly introduced pemf mat has quickly made a lasting impact on the market.

This is more than just relieving pains. With this Pemf therapy mat, the exposure has quite positive effects on your mental and physical health.

The best aspect is the unique features that come with it. This patent technology is developed not only for just Pemf therapy but also for FIR, Photon Light, Negative Ions, and Hot Stone medical therapies. This 5 in 1 technology of Pemf Mat has got quite a fame.

Another reason to take it on the list is its adjustability. You can adjust the Pemf mat therapy according to your illness and need. In short, this Healthline Platinum 7224 comes as an all-in-one solution with Pemf technology.

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MRS 2000+ Designo

This Pemf therapy mat is quite flexible, along with its stunning features. Named Magnetic Resonance stimulation, it operates by using intensities and natural frequencies. Astonishingly it has an intelligent biorhythm clock and works using Schuman intensities and frequencies.

The best part is it is digital and entirely programmable with a three years warranty. The features to consider are

  • 5-25 Hz Frequency Sinusoidal carrier signal form.
  • It is a complete set including a Pemf mat, probe, small pad, and an optional light sound machine.
  • 0 – 300 uT Intensity (at pico tesla, it starts with 10^ – 12 range)

The only back factor is its expensiveness, but considering the features, it’s worth it.

Beamer Classic and Pro

Both models are pretty impressive. The new one has minor improvements too. Modern and attractive, the pro model has a sleep mode operating at 10 Hz and commonly supports two mats simultaneously. 

For both models, the 33Hz frequency range is typically used for a sinusoidal waveform. The best part is that it’s better than ordinary geometries, including square wave and sawtooth.

The main features for both models are

  • 3.5-35 UT Intensity level
  • Three years warranty
  • Includes applicator box, full-body pad, travel bag, towel, and computer.
  • Ten different intensity levels and sleep program with multi-touch control

Mag 1000

This one is a mobile Pemf machine. It comes with an efficient rechargeable battery, adjustable range of frequency, and 20 presents with a 24 hours operation.

It works best for the treatment of tendons, muscles, and soft tissues. With it, the bone issues like calcifications are also treated. The best part is its features and affordability with ease of use.

Sota Magnetic Pulser

 This device does emit a specific range of frequencies as it omits a different frequencies spray. It works best for internal issues and is mainly focused on emitting high-frequency electromagnetic waveforms.

The main aspects for this Pemf machine are

  • Ease of use
  • Less expensive and economical
  • It’s very high intensity and, for healing, penetrates deeply into the tissues.

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QRS Quantron

Here comes the Pemf therapy mat with a pillow pad and control unit for benefits and positive effects. Due to the unique working method, the most known benefits are faster cell metabolism and blood flow. 

The best part is low intensity and used for various treatments and medical conditions, and it was explicitly developed for in-home use. With a copper mesh, unique signals are transmitted to the pillow and therapy mat.

The only point in consideration is it is not an immediate fix and can take months for an entire treatment of any medical condition.


It’s the most beautiful Pemf Therapy Mat, especially for sleeping troubles and localized issues. For sleep, place a pillow, and it stimulates your brain for regular cycles of sleep with electromagnetic fields.

There are ten programs, of which four are for sleep and manual adjustment for frequency to adjust according to your need. It works on the battery as well as directly to switch and best for sleep improvement.

The list is long, but these are the best Pemf therapy mats to consider, especially in 2021. Pick the one that fits your needs.