The Top 10 Things to Do When You Have a Bad Day

Rohan Mathew


Hey, it could be a lot worse! Things can always be worse. You could have lost your job, had food poisoning, been involved in a car accident or even witnessed a murder. Now, the good news is you do not have to live in the past and if you are reading this, it means there is a chance for you to finally enjoy the present and maybe the future. Good news is, it is easy to turn around a bad day just as quickly as it switched up. Here are ten things to indulge in. 

  • Take a walk or run

When you are having a bad day, it is a good idea to get some action rather than sitting at home over thinking things. Taking a walk or running are forms of exercise that will enable your body to release happy hormones, endorphins, that will help turn around your day. 

  • Meditate

Yes! Sit alone and don’t think about anything. Meditation helps calm you and reduce stress levels thus making you happy again. It helps shift focus from the triggers of your bad day by clearing your head from dark energy. 

  • Play online games

Online games are fun to play and always have rewards that can help boost your moods. An example of an online game to play is King Rugni Tower Conquest: Fun Base Defense Strategy Game. It enables you to redirect your focus from your bad day because it requires a good degree of keenness. 

  • Make art

Art is exotic and definitely a way to refresh your head. I would recommend phone photography because it will not only help you make art but also keep you from using your phone for other things like checking bad comments from online trolls. 

  • Log off social media

There are a lot of bad people on social media. It does not always mean they are mean to you. Just that they are bad in general. The moment they get a chance to show off their hate, they jump at it. And even though you might not be online, the possibility of something bad happening is still there.

Dealing with these people

You have the option of blocking them permanently or muting them.

Muting them is a better option because it allows you to be aware if the person is saying something about you. Block them if they keep on calling you names and bring out the worst in you by bringing up issues from your past.

  • Deep breathing

Deep breathing is an easy way of slowing things down and shifting your mindset.

By taking a few minutes to breathe deeply, you can bring your body back into a relaxed state. Giving yourself the opportunity to relax can help you detach from a stressful situation and calm down. Feeling at ease in your body is also a key component to better health in general.

Usually, it’s stress and anxiety that causes us to take short, shallow breaths which in turn causes our bodies to produce more stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. Taking deep, relaxing breaths activates the parasympathetic nervous system which inhibits the other two fight-or-flight systems.

In order to take deep breaths, try counting slowly up to five while inhaling through your nose or mouth and counting down to one while exhaling slowly through your mouth or nose. Repeat this cycle three times until you feel relaxed.

  • Retail therapy

Getting your hands on new things can be quite therapeutic. Go on a shopping spree and if you cannot go outside shop online. 

  • View some memes

Memes are funny and as we all know, laughter is the best medicine. Scroll on your favorite meme accounts online or twitter and laugh your bad day away. 

  • Play with pets

Pets are adorable and playful. Playing with your pets gets you some action and if you want to stay calm, petting a puppy or a cat is what you need. You can always get a playdate for your pets with your friend. 

  • Vent out

Venting has a couple of options; write a journal, talk to a friend or talk to yourself the way you would talk to a friend. You can mash up your pet play dates above with venting out to your friends or significant other. 

Bad day should not last when you have all these top ten tips. Go try them out.