The Top SEO Companies for Startups

Rohan Mathew


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For most companies trying to make their mark in any competitive industry, the online reputation is typically one of the top priorities, as it will directly affect a company’s overall relevance when compared to its competitors. It does not have to be said that a negative reputation can cause all sorts of trouble, and often cause a company to hemorrhage resources even when they have excellent products and services. Sometimes, all it takes is a single bad decision from a staff member in charge of social media matters for such a thing to happen. In such cases, search engine optimization (SEO) is key, and it is the reason why the very top SEO companies Orlando have experienced a surge in popularity. Many companies look to their guidance when it comes to digital marketing.

That said, it can be a little challenging to try to figure out whether or not an SEO company is worth pursuing — especially when there are already so many different SEO agencies littering the industry landscape. Trying to figure out which one is worth the time and effort can take a lot of work, especially for startups that have to deal with both similarly ambitious budding companies as well as industry veterans. There is not much time to become acclimated with a competitive industry, as a new company has to make as good a start as possible.

Fortunately, startup owners are not alone in such an endeavor. While it can take some work to choose an SEO expert to get the job done, all it takes is an understanding of their processes. Here are a few ways to help startups choose the best SEO agency to take their startup to breakout success.

A desire to work with the company’s goals

Just like any other business in any industry, startups will have their own criteria for success, and it is crucial that they meet their goals based on various factors. One of the questions to ask a potential SEO agency would be how they intend to help the business experience success on the digital marketing front. While it is understandable for their answer to be something along the lines of gaining a top spot in the search rankings, it is also a generic answer and one that does not sufficiently explain how they intend to work.

In truth, asking such a thing can be considered a trick question, as there is no way for an SEO business to help a startup without first understanding their goals and what they intend to accomplish. Most SEO experts understand the nature of the question, and will likely answer that they will adapt to the goals of the startup to eventually accomplish their goals.

An open and sincere connection with the startup

Fortunately, it does not take too long to figure out whether or not the SEO company is a great fit for the startup when it comes to communication skills. It is all about whether or not the agency can fully explain the matters behind search engine optimization. It can be plain to see whether or not communication will be an issue, especially when it comes to the timeframes. A rule of thumb would be to go with an SEO company that works within a similar timeframe to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Otherwise, it will only result in a breakdown of communication as the startup has to constantly wait for results or to offer feedback.

An understanding of the most popular SEO tools

For a startup, the slightest mishap can have far-reaching consequences, which is why it is crucial to get everything right the first time. It might seem like a tall order, but making use of SEO companies can guarantee that their experience makes up for the startup owner’s lack of knowledge in the area of SEO and digital marketing.

It would be a good idea to ask about all the tools they utilize, and to remember their answers. A bit of research will show whether or not the tool is a popular app in the SEO community, as well as whether or not it is free software. While free tools are not necessarily bad, a startup company needs plenty of help to elevate their business to the next level, which means top-level tools such as SerpStat, SiteLiner, and Moz Pro are recommended.

The top SEO companies Orlando have years of experience under their belt

One of the requirements for a startup company would be to make use of an SEO company that has enough years of experience under their belt to be trusted with a budding business. While going for a younger and less experienced SEO agency will not necessarily result in failure, it can potentially hurt the chances of standout success, especially since so many experienced SEO businesses are willing to provide as much assistance as possible. 

It would not help a startup to go for a similarly inexperienced professional for their first foray, as there will be no-one with the experience to successfully maneuver a company through a competitive business landscape. For startups especially, it would always be best to go for experienced companies and professionals whenever possible. There is no need to risk things with an SEO agency that has not been tried and tested.

Last but certainly not least, aside from the best-practice methods above to help figure out whether or not the SEO company is good for a startup, it would also be wise to get an agency with local SEO as the main goal. 

Startups typically work best with a local audience, and narrowing down the list of target consumers will mean fewer online shoppers, but it does increase the odds of those online shoppers making a purchase. Geo-targeting is particularly invaluable for startups, as it can help young companies gain a foundation that they might be able to use to expand their influence. Going for the national level right away might not provide adequate results — which is why it is recommended to use the top SEO companies Orlando to help.