The Ultimate Guide to Flower Meanings

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

Flowers are the most loving gifts that you can give to your dear ones. They spell elegance, bring joy, and drive away the blues (unless of course, the receiver is allergic to flowers!) 

But did you know that with flowers you can say loads to your loved ones without uttering a word? Yes, you can. So let’s uncover the hidden meanings of flowers.

Colours of flowers decoded

Regardless of different flower species, the general symbolism of colours is universal. Like you would associate —

  • the colour white with purity and simplicity
  • red with passion and love
  • yellow with cheerfulness and energy
  • orange with optimism and warmth
  • pink with romance and tenderness
  • green with life and new beginnings
  • blue with innocence and spirituality
  • purple with solemnity

Same goes with flowers of these colours too. A red chrysanthemum, a red tulip, or a red rose, all will unequivocally help you convey a message of love. 

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The secret language of flowers

So, what do these individual flowers say? How do they embody your sentiments? There’s no straightforward answer because you can often send vastly different messages with the same flower. Let’s break it down with the help of three of most popular flowers for gifting. 

Rose – Roses are the go-to flowers when it comes to gifting but do choose your rose wisely. You wouldn’t want to commit a blunder sending over a bouquet of white roses to your sweetheart on their birthday or purple roses to your boss on their farewell. You ask why? White roses convey reverence and tribute – not ideal for a romantic setting. Purple roses, on the other hand denote infinite possibilities, ideal to express love at first sight – not exactly right for your boss’s farewell. 

For your sweetheart’s birthday you can safely go with pink, red or orange roses to express tender love, passionate love, or playfulness – whatever your mood be. Peach roses can help convey your gratitude. 

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Peony – These lovely blooms with bright and luscious petals are very popular as wedding flowers. Traditionally associated with good fortune, prosperity and honour, peonies are excellent gift choices for celebrations like graduation, wedding, or childbirth. If you want to apologise, say it with white peonies; commit your love and respect for your partner with red peonies; and take your wedding vows amidst pink peonies. 

Dahlia – These vibrant summer blooms represent commitment, inner strength, and dignity. You can gift Dahlias for engagements and weddings, signifying an everlasting union. Or, give them to someone who is riding out a significant wave of change in life as a symbol of fresh start. Pink and purple dahlias are wonderful gifts to your mom, sister, friend or female co-worker to express your appreciation for their kindness, grace and feminine beauty. You can also celebrate your grandparents’ pure love for you with white dahlias. 

So let the flowers do the talking for you as you effortlessly brighten up the day of your special ones through Pearsons Flower Delivery. Which of these flowers are you going to choose today?