Things to Keep In Mind Before and After Professional Pest Control

Rohan Mathew

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At some point in time, every person has to deal with the nuisance in the form of pests. Pest infestations can happen anytime and anywhere. From residential properties to commercial space and even offices can fall prey to a pest attack. They cause massive damage to property, bring in diseases, and can completely steal your peace of mind.

The first instinct when you see pests such as ants in your house is to opt for professional ant removal Boston. But did you know about the steps you must take before and after the service? Taking the necessary steps can make your pest control service much more effective and long-lasting. 

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Before Service

Here are a few of the steps that you must take before the service:

Make Access

When you call for professional pest control, it is vital to see that your house is prepared for the service. Large pieces of furniture and the electrical appliance can cause hindrance to the team. It is best if you move them aside before the service appointment.

Precautionary Storing

The next important step before the service appointment is storing away items such as clothing, kids’ toys, and the like. When you opt for professional pest control, they often use harsh chemical substances. Many of these chemicals are poisonous and can cause severe reactions in your body. Do not cover your items with paper. The papers are more likely to absorb the chemicals from the environment.

Covering Items

For larger pieces such as sofas and tables, it is not possible for you to store them away. So wrapping them up with materials such as plastic will be the best resort. If you do not have plastic sheets, you can also use thick clothes through which chemicals cannot easily penetrate.


If you have indoor plants or other forms of decorative vegetables, they can get affected by the chemicals used. Even if you do not see the changes immediately, the plants may wilt away if you keep them in during the spraying. So take your pants to open spaces such as balconies. Please do not bring them in at least two days after the spraying.

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After Service

The steps that you must take after taking the service include:

Do Not Hasten 

It is likely that you will have to vacate the premise for some time when the process is going on. Even after it’s completed, it is best to wait for at least half an hour before you move in. If your pest control service recommends you to stay longer, adhere to these instructions.

Discard Food Items

If you have left some food items outside during the service, you must not consume them at any cost. Food items get easily contaminated from the spray particles in the air. So consuming them can cause a variety of serious implications. Discard them immediately and wash the exposed utensils as well.

Keeping these tips in mind, you can get an effective pest control service done with zero health complications.