Top 4 Benefits of an Automatic Soap Dispenser

Rohan Mathew

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Are you buying new appliances and accessories for the restrooms in your workplace? Regardless of your industry, your public restrooms need to be clean and inviting. Why not install an automatic soap dispenser to help? 

Automatic soap dispensers are the norm in 2021. Are you behind the times? 

We’re here to talk about why it’s time to change up your restroom with touchless soap dispensers. Keep reading to learn more. 

  1. Less Wasteful

When you opt for a touchless soap dispenser, you’re going to create less waste and waste less soap. But how does that work?

Depending on the type of soap you were using before, you may have been using small soap dispensers that need frequent replacement. Wasting all of that plastic is bad for the environment. 

Even if you previously used standard public bathroom soap dispensers (like the ones that you have to push to pump), you’re wasting soap that way. An automatic foaming soap dispenser releases the right amount of soap every time. 

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  1. More Sanitary

You’re washing your hands to get clean, so why would you want to touch a hand soap dispenser that everyone else has already had their grimy hands on? 

Sure, you’re washing your hands afterward, but if someone is sick or has something sticky on their hands that transfers to the dispenser, it’s still not an ideal situation.

With touchless soap dispensers, you never have to touch any pumps to get the soap out. No contact with anyone else’s germs! We suggest pairing an automatic soap dispenser with an automatic faucet and an automatic or touchless paper towel dispenser or paperless dryer for peak sanitation! 

  1. Less Messy

While we already know that you can avoid germs with an automatic soap dispenser, you can also avoid messes. These things are not the same. 

Anyone who’s ever been into public restrooms in a mall, restaurant, or gas station has seen at least one wet and soapy mess on the counters (or worse, the floors). Most of the time this is accidental. 

While people are still more than capable of getting water everywhere, it will be far more difficult to get soap everywhere unless it’s on purpose. Because the dispenser only releases a small amount of soap, there’s no need for it to get anywhere that it doesn’t belong. 

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  1. More Accessible 

One of the best things about automatic bathroom devices as a whole is that they’re more accessible. Anyone who struggles with mobility in their arm can still use the dispenser.

As long as you put one of these wall mounted soap dispensers low enough, they’re also accessible to people using mobility devices (like scooters and wheelchairs) as well as small children. 

An accessible workplace is a happy workplace.

Why Wouldn’t You Get an Automatic Soap Dispenser?

With all of this in mind, an automatic soap dispenser is the obvious choice. It’s more sanitary, less wasteful, less likely to cause messes, and it’s more accessible. It’s the best decision for your business and customers alike. 

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