Top health benefits of doing yoga

Rohan Mathew

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Yoga uses breathing skills, exercise, and meditation. It boosts your health and mood. Yogi actually understands the law of nature and uses yoga to get better health, mental condition, power, knowledge, and wisdom. Everything in the universe is made up of fire, water, earth, and air and yogi have Knowledge of all these for better understanding nature. 

There are many benefits of yoga 

Improved body flexibility

Flexibility is the term used in yoga for releasing tension from our bodies and mind. It is the ability to move your muscles and joints. Any gym instructor teaches you to always stretch before doing any exercise. Stretching releases any stiffness and tension from your body. According to psychological studies, the more relaxed your limber part is, the more relaxed your mind yoga poses will take up your joints in every motion making them more stronger and flexible. 

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Increasing muscle strength and tone

Yoga also helps to improve and increase muscle strength and tone. Yogis are lifting their own body weights and sometimes it is as effective as lifting weight in the gym. Yoga, if you do it every day it will help your muscles to get stronger, it will tone up the muscles of your overall body. Weight lighting on the other hand emphasizes one particle group of muscles leading to injuries sometimes also. So yoga is basically a more practical approach if you get tired from intense workout in the gym like weight lifting and crunches. Besides, you must get an outfit for your workout, trust me it will give you more comfort, and you will feel good in your own way.

 There are several poses of yoga you can do for toning up your muscles.


This pose is also called a boat-shaped pose. In this pose, you have to balance yourself by your sitting bones and tail bones. It works both on your ABS and hip bone.


It is also called a chair pose. If you perform this yoga pose every day believe me you will never have to do squats. Lift your chest before sitting on an imaginary chair. 


It is also called a side plank pose. In this pose, you have to balance yourself on one arm with the body stretched. This will help in strengthening the wrist and your arm. But you have to keep focusing on how to balance yourself.

 Metabolism of our body

Metabolism is the process in which our body breaks down food into small pieces and converts food into energy. The actual rate of metabolism depends on factors such as age, gender, and physical activity. Physical activity plays a vital role in metabolic functioning. The breathing skills used in yoga helps the intake of oxygen more efficiently and then warm up your body. When our body sweat during workout it stimulates the endocrine system and this system help in the regulation of the metabolic and digestive system. This practice will improve the system of metabolism. 

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 Yoga-heart connection

When you practice yoga it will help you to lower your blood pressure, maintain blood glucose level, and cholesterol level also. When you meditate in yoga it will help you to ease stress. All of these improvements help to prevent heart diseases. Atrial fibrillation is the abnormal heart rhythm which includes irregular beating which may lead to strokes and other complications. You can fix these health issues by practicing yoga. Research has also shown a drop in the number of atrial fibrillation patients after practicing yoga. 

 Managing stress

  Yoga helps in managing stress in a number of ways 

  1. Deep breathing
  2. Meditation
  3. Physical movement
  4. Stretching

Whether you perform yoga for stress management, for spiritual transformation, or for relaxation it has a number of benefits on your body including.

 Improved sleep, reduction in stress and anxiety, improvement in mental condition, lower heart rate, lower blood pressure, spiritual growth, decrease in muscle tension, increased body strength and flexibility slow down the aging process. 

So, there are many benefits of yoga one can experience. It is a connection with God so you tend to transform yourself spiritually. You can perform certain poses on your yoga mat and the yoga program can run for hours or minutes depending upon your stamina. Studies have also shown that yoga targets your stress cells and boosts up your mood, increasing your mindfulness and eliminates your negative thoughts.