Top Jobs To Consider In the UK

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Top Jobs To Consider In the UK

You need to have a source of livelihood, no matter where you’re moving. However, this becomes more crucial if you plan on applying for a working visa with your immigration lawyer. Here’s good news for job hunters: because of Brexit, there are many in-demand jobs in the UK that you can look into. This is what we’re going to walk you through in the following sections.

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#1: Healthcare Worker

Considering both the pandemic and Brexit, the UK has an evident shortage of healthcare workers. These include nurses, doctors, caregivers, and the likes.

Dentistry, most especially, has one of the highest job satisfaction rates. According to a 2021 report, the UK currently offers an average salary of £55,500 from approximately 1,700 job openings.

If you have a medical degree and are willing to explore the medical field in the country at hand, then you should greatly consider being a healthcare worker. Apart from the many job openings, you can also get access to a high salary.

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#2: Sales Assistant

If you have a degree or experience related to sales, marketing, or any business-related course, then starting as a sales assistant may be an excellent step to take.

The good thing about being a sales assistant is it can either be a work-from-home or a physical job. If you’re working from home, you’ll most likely be working at a UK-based online store and processing purchases and transactions. If it’s the latter, then you’ll be assisting customers personally in physical stores.

Since this covers a lot of niches, there’s a high chance that you can still be accepted even without a sales-related degree. You need to present relevant experiences and skills.

#3: Programmer

A September 2021 report showed that the UK is also short of programmers, software developers, and other IT-related jobs. In estimate, job openings for relevant positions total to about 100,000. Hence, if you think you fit the job and have the appropriate credentials, applying as a programmer is ideal.

It would be best if you also considered being a Java Developer. This earned a 3.9/5 satisfaction rate and came with an average pay of £50,000. Not only that, but the UK also revealed more than 1,500 job openings for this.

Nevertheless, you’ll probably cop an IT-based job a little easier compared to others.

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#4: Manager

Being a manager applies to a lot of fields in the UK. It would help if you looked into the role of being a Site Manager, Operations Manager, Marketing Manager, Delivery Manager, Customer Success Manager, HR Manager, Risk Manager, Program Manager, Business Development Manager, Commercial Manager, Tax Manager, Sales Manager, and Product Manager. These are just some jobs that acquired the highest satisfaction rates and base salaries from several employee reviews.

Keep in mind that each type of manager will require different requirements and credentials. Make sure to look into a related company before applying for specific details.

#5: Engineer

Like managers, engineer-related jobs are also one of the best occupations to consider because of how flexible they are. It also assures high pays, no matter where you’re from.

Some in-demand roles include Data Engineer, Front End Engineer, Information Security Engineer, Dev Ops Engineer, Cloud Engineer, Mobile Engineer, and Full Stack Engineer.

Note, though, that the engineering industry is a lot stricter when it comes to credibility. You will need a degree in Engineering and other relevant courses if you want to major in the field.

On another note, you can check out Architect positions since these usually go hand-in-hand with engineers.

#6: Lorry Driver

The UK recently broke the news about their shortage in terms of qualified Lorry Drivers. What made this a little alarming is the number of vacant positions went a little over 100,000.

On the positive side, this means a lot for those who have yet finished a complete 4-year course. In fact, you won’t need a formal education at all, aside from a high school diploma. It also assures decent pay, which will be enough if you want to make a living in the UK.


Note that your options are not limited to the six jobs above. You can always look into a profession that comes in line with your existing credentials. In this way, you won’t have to worry about unrealistic requirements and other struggles during the visa application.

Alternatively, you can also consider starting a business if you don’t like the idea of going for a job. This will need a different kind of visa, but it will still be worth it if you have the skills.

Either way, working with an immigration lawyer will definitely be a big help, no matter what path you take. And, in case you bumped into some troubles while working in the UK, there’s always a compensation for your personal injury if any.