Top Park and Museum around the kings cross

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In This Article, We Are Going To Discuss Top Park and Museum around the kings cross

King’s Cross experiences millions of tourists each year. London is one of the most traveled places because it is the perfect venue to spend quality time with your family and friends at picturesque locations, eat the best dishes, and shop top luxury brands. Offering something to everyone, you can enjoy the sugar waffles by the Thames or head to the Shard for a super expensive dinner. In a nutshell, you name it, and London has it. Read ahead to find a list of the best parks and museums around Kings Cross, where you can make excellent memories. Remember to use luggage storage kings cross to get rid of your extra bags on the way! 

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Top Park and Museum around the kings cross

Here Are Top Park and Museum around the kings cross

The perfect confluence of industry and trend at Coal Drops Yard

Coal Drops Yard is a great example to show by King’s Cross is so busy all the time. Demonstrating the perfect combination of its industrial status and trendy nature, the Coal Drops Yard has a vast collection of shops, galleries, bars, and museums. Though there is no single museum, in particular, the countless galleries are fit for those who wish to spend their time productively and understand a little more about the world around them. The grassy lawns of Lewis Cubitt Square invite you warmly. 

A lovely stroll by the Regent’s Canal will remain etched in your memory. 

What do you do in the park? Sit, play, and enjoy? Well, what if there was another place just as exciting? Yes, Regent’s Canal is the ideal location to stroll and feel the fresh breeze against your face. The canalside houseboats are colored in multiple shades to drive away all the day’s dullness, and you can spot a range of lavish waterside apartments. Following a thirty-minute walk, you can reach the Camden market and shop cute items. 

The Wellcome Collection at Euston is worth a visit.

You may not be someone who understands medicine like a doctor, but that does not imply that you cannot appreciate it either. Being the basis of most of modern life, the Wellcome Collection at Euston focuses on the intrinsic relationship between medicine, life, and art.

With urban lifestyle degrading due to adulterated food, low air quality, and lack of fresh water and sanitation, the Wellcome Collection is thought-provoking. Medicine, life, and art and three factors you cannot ignore and an amalgamation of the three is rather stunning. 

The Foundling Museum is heart-wrenching. 

England has a rich history, right from proud wars to shamefully abandoned children. While some citizens grew up to eat cakes and afternoon teas, some children remained abandoned on snow-filled streets. This is the story that the Foundling Museum brings to you on the plight of those kids who did not have a place to be heard. It brings you a complete story about England’s first home for deserted children. You can trace a full timeline of how it came into being, its services, and some spine-chilling tales that you are unlikely to forget anytime soon. We often take our privileges for granted, but now it’s time to ponder. 

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Try some tricks and spells at the Center for Magic Arts. 

Magis is an extremely inquisitive topic that humankind has tried to understand for countless years. No one knows if back magic actually exists or if the tooth-fairy indeed took your broken tooth and left-back a bar of chocolate. It exists if you believe in it. But, isn’t that true for most of the religious beliefs, too? The Center for Magic Arts welcomes you to explore fancy historical apparatus, memorabilia, and posters. Moreover, you can also indulge in magic books that date back hundreds of years ago. 

A well-connected canal museum is never underrated. 

London’s canals may not be as famous as Amsterdam’s, but they undoubtedly play a significant role in ensuring the city’s aesthetic beauty and boosting the overall economy. So, how about a ride down memory lane to understand how the canals were made, what makes them so unique, and how valuable they are to England. To give you an insight, they are a source of livelihood to thousands. Now, you know how significant they are! You must use Vertoe’s Luggage storage services in London to get rid of extra bags. 

A natural reserve at the Camley Street Natural Park 

Camley Street Natural Park is an excellent viewpoint where you can view some of the most breath-taking animals and creatures. Run by the London Wildlife Trust, the reserve provides a home for birds, butterflies, bats, and a wide variety of plant life. Habitats include wetlands, woodland, and meadow. Be it a trip to spend some quality time with your children or some hush-hush alone time away from the mainstream bustle; this is the ideal place for you. It allows you to see the Regent’s Canal from a different angle and perspective. Be on the lookout for a swooping kingfisher because it is a rare sight. 

Have you heard of the Gasholder Park?

Last but not least, the gasholder framework is exceptionally stunning with its historical importance. Though the park is not as big as the others in the city, the gasholder framework once dominated King’s cross skyline. Moreover, the vibe of the place makes up for the small size. Special attention is paid to the overall structure, lights, and layout. 


These are some of the top parks and museums around King’s Cross. You can spend as much time here as you want. Most of the museums in London are free to enter. Thus, there is no need to worry about pocket-pinch either.

For the uninitiated, summers in London are pleasant, and the masses love it. You can wear cute summer dresses and hats and soak in the sun with a chilled beer! Luggage storage King’s Cross is for those who desire a hassle-free journey without having to worry about carrying multiple bags.