Topic;How To Dress Like A City Gent: A Gentleman’s Guide To Dressing Up

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Topic;How To Dress Like A City Gent: A Gentleman's Guide To Dressing Up

Topic;How to Dress Like a City Gent: A Gentleman’s Guide to Dressing Up

Dressing well is the first step to taking yourself seriously, which is why it’s no surprise that many men aspire to put on a suit and tie on a daily basis. A suit is the ultimate symbol of professionalism, after all, and it can even make you look slimmer if you choose the right one.This is why we’ve assembled the following list of accessories that no gent should be without. Now all you have to do is pick which style best fits you and consider adding these accessories to your wardrobe:

  1. The Classic Tie 

First, let’s start with ties. No matter the color or pattern you prefer, there are certain knots that will let everyone know you aren’t a shady character.

This is one of the most common knots and the same way women have mastered the art of putting their hair up in a messy bun, so too should a gentleman know how to tie a tie.

Take a look at the Windsor knot, created by a Duke who lived in Windsor Castle. Notice how symmetrical it is? This knot is great because it draws attention to your face and away from your gut.In the 1960s, Walt Disney decided that his employees needed a dress code that was more flexible. Since then, this style has been seen as a no-nonsense choice

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  1. The Pocket Square

The pocket square, if done correctly, can make or break an outfit. If you are wearing a suit, your pocket square should be the same color as your tie. However if you are wearing a sports jacket, your pocket square should complement the color of your tie. While selecting your pocket square, it is important to select a fabric that is either very smooth or very textured. There are two main fabrics that I recommend. Your first option is silk. Silk is a great fabric for pocket squares because it is easy to work with and it is very smooth so it doesn’t look wrinkled when it is in your pocket. The next option is linen.


It’s hard to go wrong with a simple pair of socks, particularly if you’re wearing boat shoes or any other type of shoe that can take the sock style well. When it comes to the type of socks to wear, choose socks made of cotton or wool, as these materials are naturally breathable, absorbent, and naturally insulating (i.e. they’ll keep your feet warm in the winter and help keep them cool in the summer) – all qualities you want in socks. When it comes to socks that actually match your shoes, go sockless . It’s not called “going sockless” for nothing; no one wants to see your sweaty smelly feet any more than you do.If you’re a gentleman looking for a new pair of socks but aren’t sure where to start, SOCKSHOP is here to help.

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Belts can be worn with nearly anything and depending on the buckle and the color of the belt, certain belts will give an outfit a more sophisticated feel. For example, wearing a black belt with a black suit will help keep the colors of the suit from clashing and draw the eye to your shoes. On the other hand, a brown belt with a brown suit will give an outfit a brawnier feel. In general, though, you should have at least one belt in your arsenal to pair with your outfits.

If you have a slimmer build, consider going for a slimmer belt so that it does not visually add size to your torso. Dress belts also come in a variety of widths and fabrics. Keep in mind that thicker belts can help to visually balance out your upper body if your hips are too large or small, depending on which direction you go.

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Wrapping up

A Man’s Wardrobe Will Never Be Finished

The great thing about being a man is that you’re free to express yourself through the clothes you wear. There are some basic guidelines about dressing up that will help you look your best, but you don’t have to follow them. The best advice for men is to experiment with different looks. You’ll find your own signature style, and the more you try the better you’ll get at it.