True Or False Statements About The Workplace

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

There are a lot of opinions around the working environment. Each organisation will have a different way of working, a lot of the time it is down to the business and employees how they prefer to conduct their job. In this article I am going to break these stigmas around an office environment that has been supported by researchers.

Music can help some individuals be more productive – true or false?

This is true, it is a lot to do with personal preference. Some individuals may hate the idea of trying to work with music, they find it stops them from concentrating and will affect their productivity. Others may find that music stimulates them to be productive.

Various studies have been carried out to understand whether music hinders or improves productivity in the office, the realistic answer is down to the individual. One study found that the right music made workers feel more energetic and improve their mood, which resulted in better productivity. Another study that tested the effect of music on cognitively complex tasks, found that workers performed better in silence.

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You’re more productive in the office – true or false?

Studies have found this statement isn’t always true. A study compared telecommunication employees, who typically work from home, against office workers and found they had an increased level of performance and productivity among people working from home, they also had less days off sick.

This is often a misconception of remote working, but there could be other factors that affect people working from home that you may not find in the office, such as having the right equipment and work space.

The wrong office chair can cause you to have back issues – true or false?

This statement is true, sitting in a static position increases the stress on your back, shoulders, arms and legs. It has also been found to put a large amount of pressure on your back muscles and spinal disks.

An office chair that aids good posture will help to reduce any of these issues. Look for a chair that is ergonomically designed, this means that it is designed to offer the user comfort.

Many office chairs have an ergonomic design but look different, this can give you a more personal preference to what will suit you best. These classic office chairs have been trusted to support workers for over 70 years and come in various styles and materials.

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You should paint your office walls white so there is less distraction – true or false?

Studies have found this statement to be false, in a study that asked individuals their feelings on white walls in professional settings, they often said it appeared clinical, intimidating and unwelcoming, an appearance that a lot of office spaces wouldn’t want to convey.

Ten colours that have been found to work best in the office are off-white, teal, light blue, grey, blue-grey, brown, pastel yellow, purple, green and orange.

For a professional office space, it may be best to stick to a more neutral paint colour to make sure none of the employees find the colour hindering, as many studies find that colours can evoke emotions. It is important you don’t evoke the wrong emotion.

If you are decorating your home office space, this can give you more freedom to use the colour that you think will be best.