Understanding Everything About Bitcoin Gold

Albert Howard

Understanding Everything About Bitcoin Gold

After some time, a bitcoin cash hard fork occurred, and another hard fork came into existence which is bitcoin gold. This hard fork is said to be a fork which is community-driven. In order to prevent particular parties from dominating Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold was launched. Its founders believed that because businesses were displacing normal miners with specialised, extremely costly mining equipment as well as mining farms, Bitcoin could not be mined quickly enough to be available for everyone. With Bitcoin Gold, anybody will once again have access to cryptocurrency mining. 

Bitcoin Gold is the hard fork of its original cryptocurrency which is bitcoin, which took place in the year 2017. While there may be several causes for hard forks to occur, such as scaling. The goal for bringing bitcoin gold to existence was to make bitcoin decentralised again as many conflicts were growing amongst the developers and also due to their varied disagreements. Bitcoin gold probably is one of the most spoken hard forks of bitcoin. So, if you are planning to trade or mine Bitcoin, then you can take advantage of the short opportunity at Binance Coin.

What Led To The Development Of Bitcoin Gold

The development of bitcoin gold has nothing to do with the central issues related to bitcoin. Instead, the development of this hard fork has something to do with the mining procedure which is followed for bringing the new coins to the market. The founders thought of opting for a new hard fork so that a new and different mining algorithm is followed in place of the Proof Of Work algorithm. The idea behind following a new algorithm is to make bitcoin gold the other most accepted cryptocurrency worldwide in terms of market capitalization.

Developing A Decentralised Bitcoin Blockchain

During the initial times of bitcoin, mining was a very easy task and could be done with the help of ordinary computers as well. However, in recent times, mining has gone to the next level in terms of the equipment and technology which is used for mining purposes. Initially, mining, which could be done on normal PCs, now quickly advanced to specialised rigs.

The hardware has improved considerably more since then. Almost all Bitcoin blockchain mining is currently executed by application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs). These devices are many times more efficient at mining since they were made exclusively for Bitcoin mining. The ordinary user finds it challenging to get engaged because of the hefty beginning costs associated with purchasing, setting up, and running ASICs.

The tagline which is for bitcoin gold which is making bitcoin decentralised again has been taken from the slogan from the election campaign of Donald Trump. However the same has reference to the originator of bitcoin which is Satoshi Nakamoto, who also envisioned a P2P network which was open for everyone to participate in mining. Bitcoin Gold suggests altering the blockchain to stop ASIC mining in order to transform Bitcoin mining into something more equitable.

Who Is The Recipient Of Bitcoin Gold

Because Bitcoin Gold is a branch of the existing Bitcoin network, BTG was distributed in a 1:1 ratio to all BTC holders who possessed BTC prior to the fork. Although you do not need to do anything specialised to attain bitcoin gold, however, sometimes it becomes difficult to get BTG depending upon your wallet preferences.


The blog here has written about bitcoin gold which is the one such prominent fork of bitcoin. Although there had been many forks with different purposes, the main goal of this fork was to make bitcoin decentralised again for the users.