Varieties of double-glazed window styles to know

Rohan Mathew


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Double glazing is becoming popular due to the range of benefits it offers to the people. You can restrict a lot of heat loss from your house and can sit comfortably without the use of air conditioning equipment. You can get the installation services from any contractors like in your locality. However, there may be confusion while selecting the right type of window styles for your home. There are several factors to consider while choosing the style of your window. You should match your new windows with your home’s architecture. Also, you should choose the window styles based on the aesthetic aspects. Likewise, you can get to choose from a variety of options available. Considering all these factors, manufacturers have come up with several varieties of double-glazed windows. In this article, let us discuss four of these types in brief.

Tilt and turn double glazing

Tilt and turn is a type of window style that allows you to open the window in two different ways. Either you can open it from the top and stop it in a tilted position, or you can open it till the end as if there is no window. However, there will be a locking mechanism that will help you lock up the window in a specific position. If you wish to change a position, you would have to release the lock and pull the lever. This lock will be there along with the window handle. It is easy for an adult to change the lock. But a child could not do it. So, you may consider this type of window when you have small kids in your home that are active. There are cases where kids climb up and fall through the windows. So, the locking system and the tilted option in these windows help to prevent these accidents with the kids. Also, there is an ease of cleaning the window glass. If you want to do so, you can release the lock and open it fully to clean it from the interior of your home. You can clean both sides of the window without going out. Mostly, the window will be designed to open inwards from the top. So, you will not feel any discomfort with this window.

Casement windows

You can find a casement window wherever you turn in your locality due to its popularity in contemporary buildings. Casement windows are the best if you wish to allow the sunlight to light up your rooms without any obstacles. So, people who are living in larger homes with several dark spaces can find this type of window helpful in getting some natural light. You can open these windows in several ways as there will be varieties in design employing different positions of levers and window units. One type of casement window will be opening inwards with the help of a hinge provided at the top of the window unit. Another will be opening out of your home with the help of a hinge provided at the bottom of the window unit. So, you can choose the right type for your home depending on your preference. Apart from operating styles, you can also find differences in the design and structure of these windows. As there are several varieties, this is the most popular type of double-glazed windows in the market. However, casement windows will be highly affordable compared to other types in this list.

Vertical sliding 

You would have seen larger windows moving vertically on several old buildings. These will be looking like a landscape window but will move in the opposite direction. Vertical sliding windows are the traditional type used in the past that is gaining popularity in contemporary buildings also. The frames of these windows will either be made of wood or with the use of PVC. PVC is considered stronger and useful than those made of wood. There will be an extension or a lever to open this window. Although these windows look heavy, you need not be a bodybuilder to open them. You can easily do so with the help of sliders and levers. The sliding mechanism will also be smooth helping you to easily open them.