Ways that Assertiveness Helps You in Life

Rohan Mathew

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A new year is dawning and you might be ready to adopt a whole new persona in the coming months and beyond. One common thing people wish they could change about themselves is to become more assertive and confident. To that end, they go to find assertiveness training in Melbourne where they learn tips and tricks to genuinely boost their confidence and start getting what they want out of life.

But does it really help them? Does a greater sense of assertiveness really have any bearing on your quality of life? In fact, it does, and below are some of the ways that it helps people.

  1. Assertiveness Reduces Stress

This one seems counterintuitive to some people, but it’s true. For some, it may seem more stressful always being forthright and confident, stating clearly what you want, understanding your goals and going after them. The fact is that it’s a kind of liberation in many ways, and assertiveness therefore lowers stress. A lack of assertiveness leads us to think changing our situation is impossible, which creates stress and pressure on us which builds and remains unresolved because we don’t have the self-esteem to go and do anything about it.

Assertive people naturally believe with confidence that no matter how hard a situation they find themselves in, they can work their way out of it step by step and with the right amount of elbow grease and application. If you believe in yourself and your ability to handle challenges, then they don’t faze you or stress you out.

  1. Life Choices Open Up More and More

People who are more assertive and confident are people who are more likely to unlock more opportunities in life. They have the ability to go up to others and build connections that less assertive people cannot. When you lack assertiveness, you are essentially reducing yourself to a more passive role, waiting for opportunities to come your way. But as the man in Titanic said, “a man makes his own luck in this world” and that is a mantra of the assertive.

Choice means the ability to create a life on one’s own terms. That inevitably means more freedom and more free time to pursue interests. All of these things ultimately mean a happier, more productive and interesting life.

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  1. Others Will Find You More Credible

Even a fleeting look at some of the most influential people in the world will teach you that these individuals have something in common — they are assertive! Why do people listen to famous intellectuals like Jordan Peterson, and why did people hang off the word of a man in a black sweater and jeans launching a new smartphone in California? These people speak with clarity and purpose. They have vision and communicate ideas that people can’t help but listen to, even if they ultimately disagree. Even the harshest critics of Apple in 2021 and 2022 find it hard to say anything negative about the charisma and credibility of their founder Steve Jobs.

  1. You Can Become a Better Leader

Assertiveness is a terrific leadership quality because it’s about improving one’s ability to clearly communicate ideas and instructions, something that every good leader needs in spades. Having the confidence to assert one’s ideas also means one can make better decisions and lead teams in a good direction. 

When there is a lack of cohesion and unity within a team, it’s not just the fault of those pot-stirrers who cause trouble within a team, but also of leaders who are failing to put across a coherent message for others to follow.

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