Ways to Find the Best Legal Advice on a Budget

Rohan Mathew

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Tens of millions of lawsuits are filed in the United States every year. That volume of cases has earned America a reputation of being a highly litigious society.

Fortunately, many suits that are filed don’t make it to courtrooms and some that do are thrown out. That clears the way for cases with legitimate legs to be seen by judges.

If you’re involved in an active or potential lawsuit that has legs, you may be wondering how to get the best legal advice without spending tons of money. While legal services are typically expensive, there are ways you can get information about your case at little to no cost.

Below, we share some tips on how to achieve that end.

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Browse Legal Forums

There are several legal help forums online where people ask public questions. These questions often get answered by a consumer protection attorney, criminal defense attorney, or other legal professionals.

Those answers can then be seen by you which essentially constitutes free legal advice.

Advice given on questions asked publicly may be state-contingent meaning that your state’s laws may make it so the advice offered does not apply to your case.

Work off of Consultations

Several attorneys offer free consultations. These consultations usually comprise a lawyer hearing about the legal hurdle you’re facing and giving their opinion on where your case is likely to land.

Again, this amounts to free legal advice and is even more pointed than advice you might dig up in online forums.

Get clear with an attorney before booking time with them as to whether or not the entirety of your consult will be free. The last thing you want is for a miscommunication to result in you receiving an invoice.

Get a Q&A Service Subscription

Online Q&A services like Just Answers gives people access to professionals across a variety of fields. These fields include legal services.

If you have a question and a valid subscription with a Q&A service, you’ll be able to chat with a lawyer who will opine on your case. Many services even allow you to get second opinions on questions free of charge.

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Opt Into an Employer Legal Plan

Some employers offer group legal plans which function similarly to health insurance. These plans enable holders to access to the best legal advice and even services at little to no cost.

If offered, employer group legal plans usually need to be opted into during your healthcare enrollment window. You’ll also want to carefully assess what comes with group legal services to make sure what’s being offered could be valuable to you.

The Best Legal Advice Doesn’t Need to Cost the Most Money

While getting the best legal advice does come at a cost, if you exercise a little creativity, you can get outstanding guidance for next to nothing. We hope our write-up helps you achieve that end!

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