4 Best Ways To Use Mitragyna Speciosa Kratom

Rohan Mathew

Kratom, also known as Mitragyna Speciosa, is one of the most oldest and beneficial herbs. Originating from Southeast Asia, this herbaceous plant grows in Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Malaysia. The people of these countries have been using kratom since the nineteenth century for multiple reasons, be it as a medicine, relaxant or energizer. Kratom was and is especially popular amongst the labor and working class as it removes all the fatigue and takes away all the muscle tension for the time being. 

Kratom contains a vast and diversified range of components including biological compounds and over 20 alkaloids including mitragynine and 7hydroxymitragynine which are extremely beneficial for the body. 

The people of Southeast Asia have been taking kratom by directly plucking the leaves and chewing them. The only thing that they do is remove the veins. By this way, they believe that they are taking the most raw and purest form of kratom which will have maximum benefits. 

With the ongoing popularity that kratom has, the usage has increased quite a lot, which means that the production and export has also directly increased. When kratom gets exported, there are a number of lab tests and procedures that it has to go through. 

There are a number of other ways that have been improvised due to this demand. 

Toss n wash 

Toss and wash kratom is not new and already existed long before. The leaves that were first ingested after chewing are previously crushed in this method and made into a powdered form. This powdered form contains small granules that are easier for absorption and also provide a large surface area to volume ratio. This powder form can be taken with water or any fresh juice. Fresh juice like grapefruit juice is considered one of the best kratom potentiators to enhance the effect of kratom powder!


This method was designed for people who have a trouble taking in powdered form of kratom. They fear that they might puke while taking kratom in the powdered form. On the contrary, a capsule form provides a safer and more convenient way of taking kratom as the powder packed in the form of a pill is tasteless, odorless and colorless. Green Malay kratom capsule can also be taken with water. 


Kratom tea is exceptionally popular in the western world, especially the United States. This is because the concept of beverages is very common over there as it is the first thing that people consume while starting the day. Kratom tea can become the next healthy beverage and be a substitute for coca-cola. It can also surpass coffee as kratom contains all the properties that coffee has and also gives off the same stimulating effects as coffee. The best part is that kratom does not contain any caffeine. 

This tea can be made by directly adding kratom leaves to hot water. It can be taken in the hot and cold form. 


This is the liquid form of kratom and not very popular as it is difficult to manage the dosage. It is also more concentrated and different from kratom powder. It can be misleading for newbies and anyone who has limited knowledge about kratom dosage. Small amounts of tinctures can last for a longer time up-to 5-6 hours. When the tincture is taken on an empty stomach, the results are fast as compared to when taken while there is food already eaten before. 


Kratom dosage is one of the most important aspects of its use. Good quality kratom is only required to be taken in in small amounts to kick in the effects. The more impurities there are in the product, the higher the dosage needs to be. Any dose that exceeds 8grams is considered to be high and can cause unwanted effects, depending on the weight and tolerance level of the body.