What Determines the Costs of SEO Campaigns In Singapore

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

Even though Singapore and Malaysia account for only 8% of Southeast Asia’s population, they generate one-third of the total online sales. Singaporeans are also the most active internet users in the region, according to the same report. So if your business isn’t taking advantage of online marketing and SEO, then you’re missing out on a lot of sales. 

But when you finally take the plunge and request quotes from SEO agencies in Singapore, you’re likely to receive different costs. But how exactly do they determine this cost for SEO campaigns? This article touches on some of the influencing factors.

The Competition

The main factor that affects SEO is competition within your sector and location. Suppose multiple companies offer the same or similar products and target the same demographic through SEO. In that case, the person who invests the highest money and human resources grabs the top spot (assuming they’ve all done the same level of work).

To negate competition and the associated higher CST, it’s best to target a niche audience and optimize your website accordingly.

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The Keywords

SEO is all about targeting keywords that are being searched. Agencies spend the majority of their time optimizing the website for the keywords. Therefore, competition for the keywords matters too, besides competition in the sector.

If we look at the PPC (Pay-per-click) ads cost report, then the most competitive keyword is “Business Service” at $58.64 per click. This is followed by the keyword “Bail Bonds” at $58.48. This data suggests a lot about competition in SEO, too, not just PPC.

If companies cannot afford that level of PPC cost, they’ll likely compete in SEO for the first-page ranking. This increases competition among businesses, which in turn drives up the SEO cost.

The best way to negate this factor is to target long-tail keywords that generally have less competition and where you can see faster results.

The SEO Agency

Not all SEO agencies are created equal. Some vary by expertise, some by experience, and others by their clientele. And they take all these factors into account when quoting a client.

If an SEO agency in Singapore targets only MNCs, they’re likely going to charge higher than those targeting mom and pop shops. If an agency has been around for ten years, they will charge higher than a startup agency.

This is something you need to adjust. If your budget doesn’t allow you to hire a decade-old SEO agency, then you can go for less experienced ones. If you see an agency that hasn’t worked in your domain, you can negotiate a lower price by taking the risk.

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Expectations and Time Frame

The final main factor that affects SEO pricing is the expectations for your business. Are you looking for rankings within a month? Expect to pay higher than if you are looking for rankings within 3 months. Does your requirement include generating leads and sales rather than simply driving traffic to your website? The agency will likely charge you more since they’d have to do more work on their end.

SEO is something that’s continuously evolving. It can affect pricing, as well. So if you’re paying 1000 Dollars today, you may have to pay 1500 Dollars tomorrow. But at the end of the day, you should measure an SEO agency in Singapore by the results they deliver, not necessarily by the cost.