What do applicants do with their employment card if they receive a job?

Rohan Mathew

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Getting an employment card in India is not mandatory, but is highly recommended. The country promises people jobs within the Government or private sector and coordinates these through the use of the employment card. If an individual receives an employment card and they receive a job themselves, they can always forfeit their registration so they can pass the job to someone else.

To get an employment card, an individual has to register with the employment exchange. This department takes in all their information and provides them jobs based on their experience and qualifications. The employment exchange also provides the people registered with information on schemes relating to work or benefits from the Government relating to work needs, and so on.

Employment exchanges have been rebranded and are now called Employment Guidance and Promotion Centres since they no longer only provide jobs but also focus on vocational guidance and career counseling besides registration, submission, placement, etc.

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What are the benefits of registering for the employment exchange?

The positives for registering with the employment exchange, significantly outweigh the negatives, and although it is a little more work, the registration process is highly valued.

  • Job seekers can search for suitable jobs based on their qualification
  • The registered job seekers can check their status on the job waiting-list online.
  • The unique Registration Number provided by Employment Exchange can be a reference while applying for jobs, especially government jobs.
  • Whenever they announce government vacancies, they send a list of registered members with suitable educational profiles to respective employers for consideration.

If people do not want to avail of the benefits of receiving Government or private jobs for any reason, like starting a business venture, they can use their employment card for information on Government benefits, tax benefits, or information to assist their companies.

Currently, applying for the employment card through the employment exchange has been taken online, and people can do this at their convenience from their houses. Furthermore, they have also made changes to the employment exchange card to make it more of a smart card with all the information stored in one small piece of plastic.

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What are the documents needed when applying for an employment card?

While the process seems tedious, it is not and can be completed in under 30 minutes if all the information is known and available. Some of the documents required are

  • Ration Card.
  • Voter ID Card.
  • Certificate from Municipal Councilor or Sarpanch.
  • Proof of job in the State of either of the parents.
  • Certificate of Education in the State.
  • Letter from a gazetted officer or school head.
  • Domicile Certificate.

The Employment Exchange will issue a registration card with a registration number and the date of renewal of that registration. Most employment cards need a regular renewal to stay valid. Additionally, people are supposed to make changes to their card if they have received a job through the exchange. However, people prefer letting their cards expire instead of making changes and renewing them.

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