What Is a Throw Blanket? Difference Between A Throw and A Blanket

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What Is a Throw Blanket Difference Between A Throw and A Blanket

what is a throw blanket? This was the question even I had in my mind as I heard throw blanket. There are so many varieties and options for beddings that it becomes a bit confusing for choosing the best one. The main confusion you may have is to choose between the two accessories that are throws and blankets. These both are very stylish and come in variant colors plus they make your bedroom look stylish. Below is everything about What is a throw blanket? You need to know.

What Is A Throw Blanket?

A throw blanket is smaller than a regular blanket. They usually come in 50 inches by 60 inches size. The purpose of the blanket varies on the sizes although. The main purpose of the throw blankets is that they are for decoration and they also give good warmth.

The throws come in different and beautiful patterns, intricate and tapestry-like designs.

The most popular throws are Fleece throws for warmth and comfort. You can make a simple fleece throw by tying two edges of fleece fabrics together.

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What Is A Throw Blanket Used For?

Throw Blankets are used most commonly for decorations. Throws are draped on couches and chairs. They are kept on the corner of beds or hung on blanket racks. Not only the throw blankets are for decorations on beds and couches you can also hang them on walls.

Use of throw blanket is not limited to decoration purpose only you can use them for warmth and comfort when you are relaxing on the couch and chair.

What Is A Throw Blanket Size?

The size of a throw blanket is commonly are of 50 to 60 inches size. They are smaller regular than blankets. Although the size of the throw blanket may differ from 48 inches to 60 inches.

Difference Between A Throw And A Blanket

Although blankets and throws are referred to like the same they are different from each other. Below are some differences between these both.


Both the blankets vary in sizes here is how

  • Throw Blankets come in standard size 50 inches to 60 inches. They may also vary in dimensions that are from 48 inches to 60 inches.
  • Blankets come in sizes that fit a person to use but more than one person can cuddle in them.

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Material and Design

Even though both blankets give you warmth they are made differently but both come in beautiful designs and looks.

  • Throw Blankets are made of different materials like chenille, faux fur, satin, and velvet, etc. They also include knitting components. Throws often come with a fringe element that adds texture to the throw blanket.
  • Blankets are made of a large piece of fabric like wool, flannels, or fleece.


Both are blankets so they both give warmth here is what you get from throws and blankets

  • Throws are mainly used for decorations. They are kept on the corner of the beds, wrapped around couches, and even hung on walls. No doubt they give warmth and you can use them to cuddle on couches and chairs
  • Blankets on other hand are used while sleeping and are commonly used on beds than couches and chairs


What Is A Throw Size Blanket?

The size of throw blankets is 50 inches by 60 inches. They may vary by some inches in dimensions depending on the brand.

Can You Sleep With A Throw Blanket?

Yes, you can throw blankets for warmth and also use them as a second layer on your blankets. The size of the throw blankets is smaller than the regular blankets.

Is A Comforter The Same As A Blanket?

The difference between a comforter and a blanket is that the blankets are made of one layer material and comforters are made of two outer layers that are of thin fabrics. These outer layers are filled with insulating material. The comforters are generally used for getting more warmth than a single blanket.

What Is The Purpose Of Throw Blanket?

Throws are not only an aesthetic piece in the bedroom, they also provide great warmth. Measuring up smaller than a blanket (usually around 1m x 1.5m), a throw is perfect to throw on the end of a bed or have draped on your bedroom chair for those colder nights where you need to grab an extra layer.

What Is Difference Between Bed Throw And Blanket?

Blankets are mostly used to provide warmth and are usually placed on sheets or other bedding layers. Throws are technically blankets, but are a special type traditionally made for decorative intentions. Throws can be used on furniture, as well as beds.

What Is Bigger A Blanket Or A Throw?

Throws are smaller than blankets and made from a wide variety of materials. You’ll find the size and fabric used either on the package or at the internet site where you purchase it. The two most popular fabric used in throws are fleece and more decorative tapestry style throws.

Why Are They Called Throw Blankets?

They’re called “throws” because that’s how they are intended to be styled—by being “thrown” over top of the couch, chair, or bed they’re decorating. Their primary purpose is to be decorative, but they can be used practically as well.


There are so many different types of blankets to buy from. The main purpose of any blanket is to give warmth but the throw blankets are used for decoration. They come in variant fabrics, colors and designs. The stylish throw blankets give your bedrooms and living rooms a stylish. Even though throws are smaller than regular blankets they are great for getting warmth when watching TV or reading books. In the above article, we have described everything about what is a throw blanket? For you to know what it is and what it can be used for .