What is Aptoide? The salient features of Aptoide

Rohan Mathew

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Currently, the development of the mobile application market is very popular, outside of the big branded app market, associated with special operating systems such as App Store or CH Play, Google Play,… Aptoide is one of the notable application markets. Aptoide is a rich app store with great features that perfectly replace Google Play. Users who download the app and install it automatically do not require a subscription, in which the store contains 300,000 applications not inferior to Google Play. Let’s find out about Aptoide below!

What is Aptoide?

Aptoide is a free app store, where we can easily download applications/Ph.tenovi

It can be said that CH Play is an extremely useful tool, it helps us to easily download applications to our phones. In addition, on Android devices, there are many other free app stores and people can freely install a lot of applications on their devices.

Aptoide is a free app store, where we can easily download applications that are not available on Google Play. If you want to download an app on this tool and don’t know what to do, Aptoide is a separate path for you.

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Aptoide is a mobile application market that runs on the Android operating system. In Aptoide, unlike the Google Play Store, there is no centralized and unique store; Instead of, each user manages their own store.

The Aptoide platform is available in more than 40 languages, reaching over 200 million users in 2017 and 6 billion cumulative downloads. In different stores, more than 800,000 Android apps can be found.

In 2017, Aptoide underwent an ICO to support the development of the open source protocol, AppCoins, based on blockchain.

Outstanding feature of Aptoide application store on Android

  • The repository has hundreds of thousands of applications

Aptoide is a store that includes many other stores. Any user can create their own app store, filtered by specific categories. In Aptoide, you can find everything from apps, games or wallpapers…  suitable for your phone line.

In addition to downloading and installing directly from Aptoide, you can also manage application updates. If you are not satisfied with some of the updated applications, users can use the Rollback function to return to the previous version or even remove it completely from the machine.

In Aptoide there are also some websites with software for adult content and controlled by settings.

In Aptoide there are also some websites with software for adult content/Ph.apkpure

Besides, Aptoide also contains many applications that for some reason do not allow to appear on Google Play.

However, Aptoide does not have the Bounce security barrier as of Google Play, so some software may contain security and security dangers that you cannot anticipate.

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  • Easy to use

Aptoide is easy to use, so you can search and manage all installed applications. Download speed is equivalent to downloading from Google Play and managing previous versions through the Rollback feature.

However, because Aptoide is an unofficial app store, it has both a copyright and a “pirated” app. Products that are described in general, copied over the speaker, rushed from Google Play make it very difficult for users to identify which software is reliable. To minimize that worry, Aptoide also places a blue label next to the name of the official app.

  • Aptoide is not for everyone

If you want to download the app without going through Google or your device doesn’t support Google Play, Aptoide is a good solution because of some of the features and number of apps it owns.

Only the standard of its content makes it very difficult for users to choose good software from a repository with both bad and good things.


Aptoide is not available in mobile devices.  Therefore, you need to download Aptoide and set it up manually. Remember to enable the feature that allows downloading unidentified apps in Android’s privacy options.

As you can see, Aptoide has many preeminent features, although it is not an overly formal application market but Aptoide has brought many benefits to users. Does your Android operating system already have Aptoide?  Do you want to experience it? Install  Aptoide app and experient it now!