What is it like to live as a paying guest in Bangalore?

Rohan Mathew

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Are you someone who is migrating to Bangalore for higher studies or a job? Are you also someone who is worried whether a paying guest lifestyle in the city will end up being a lesson in compromising? Well, we are here to assure you that you can find the best PG in Bangalore to suit your tastes, without anyone telling you to ‘swalpa adjust maadi’ (please adjust a little!)

For one, as a leading educational hub and home to leading startups and IT companies, Bangalore already has a huge rental accommodation market. Largely though, this has been focused towards owners and landlords with tenants having to adapt to things like landlord biases, curbs on lifestyle choices and even unfavourable practices like taking upto 10 months of rent as security deposit etc. But in recent years, with the entry of professionally managed accommodation operators like Stanza Living and its ilk, there have been sweeping changes with accommodation providers becoming adaptable to consumer needs. No longer do you need to adjust to a typical PG environment but can upgrade to managed set-ups to enjoy professionally-run, reliable and economical living experiences.

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What adds further to the charm of the city is its cosmopolitan culture and developing infrastructure that is growing with the migrant population that is becoming a part of the city’s fabric. Any paying guest today can enjoy staying in some of the best locations like Koramanagala, Bannerghatta, Electronic City, Whitefields etc. These areas offer good transportation network, are in close proximity to colleges/office complexes, have a great social scene – cafes, malls, entertainment spaces, and a host of amenities to fulfill daily living needs.

Well, if you pick a managed accommodation in these places, you further get the advantage of a hassle-free stay that covers meals, laundry, housekeeping, maintenance and more. So, now you don’t need to leave a pile of dirty clothes set-aside for weekend washing, or daily dishes in the sink or worry about paying that electricity bill on time. With support staff to help you with these nitty-gritties, you can come back to a comforting space at the end of a hardworking day. We are sure you will be grateful for saving this time that can go towards meeting friends, taking up a project, signing up for a hobby class or maybe hanging out on a virtual date with family. And what’s more, with a whole host of services included in the rent, you don’t have additional bills and monthly expenses to play spoilsport.

Well, while you hang out with your family on a high-speed internet call facilitated by your accommodation provider, maybe it is also time to start thinking about the new friends and family you will make in your paying guest accommodation. Among your co-residents you’ll likely find people from different parts of the country, bringing their own experiences, cultures and preferences that you can share and learn from. Who knows that hanging out with them might not just be a relaxing experience, but you end up making friends for life and getting your own big support system?

Need we tell you more about the exiting times that await you as a paying guest in Bangalore? It boils down to making the right choices about the place you want to stay in, the lifestyle you want to lead and evolving as you go. Finding yourself a managed accommodation definitely helps, as it is akin to giving yourself a cozy and supportive welcome to the city.

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