What is the Best Package Forwarding Service?

Rohan Mathew

What is the Best Package Forwarding Service

Shopping online is fun. You go to the retailer’s website and buy stuff. That’s until you get notified that the retailer doesn’t ship to your country of residence. It’s very frustrating to miss out on amazing deals simply because of your location. Package forwarding services by MyUSAddress are the solution to such issues. Like any reliable package forwarding company, they’ll help you overcome the frustration of retailers not wanting to ship to your destination. 

What is Package Forwarding Service?

Package forwarding is when you have items shipped to your location after making a detour through the US or UK. This is ideal if you live outside these regions, where most online stores offer coverage. This option is also perfect for those not settled in one specific location. Say you’re on vacation and won’t be back for an undetermined amount of time. You can purchase an item online and have a company receive the item at a specific UK or US location. Once you’re settled, you can offer a forwarding address to which the item can be shipped.

How it Works

It would help if you got a US, UK, or EU address for this to work. You can complete this simple process by choosing a shipping forwarder and signing up to create an account. This should only take a few minutes. As soon as your account is set up, you’ll be given an address where your purchased items can be forwarded.

After this, you can enjoy a shopping experience similar to a US, UK, or EU resident. Every item you buy will be shipped to the address you were given.

You will get notified, usually by email or a text message, about the arrival of your items at the forwarding address. This allows you to view the details of the transaction and the items.

Many retailers, especially in the US, require a local address before purchasing an item. The above process ensures that you can shop while outside the US. You can receive your items anywhere in the world just by providing a forwarding address of your choice.

The following are the best package forwarding services available:


With a service coverage spanning over 200 countries, Shipito is arguably the best package forwarding service. Whether you want an address in the US or EU, they’ve got you covered. With an easy-to-use website and fast shipping, you can rest assured your package will arrive once you’ve given them a forwarding address. If you prefer their premium plan, you can order multiple packages with a 0% sales tax address. They offer free packaging and consolidation (combining numerous items of the same order into a single package for eCommerce shipping).

2) Forward2me

This package forwarding service is located in the UK, allowing you to have a tax-free native address. They’ll give you a forwarding address at other locations like Turkey and Japan, making it easier to shop at any online retailer that ships to these destinations. Your shipping costs are calculated based on the dimensions of the items like weight, with no additional charges. They offer the industry standard of 30 days of storing your items.

3) Opas

Opas is a favorite package forwarding solution to those that want a US or Japan address. It also offers these services to countries close to these. While their charges are higher than other package forwarding companies, their features and top-quality services justify their rates. They offer a flat rate of $100 per year or $15 monthly for premium users. They can ship to any destination worldwide. Their payment system is flexible, allowing customers to use debit and credit cards and other platforms like Paypal.

4) MyUSAddress

If shipping between Canada and the US is your primary objective, look no further than MyUSAddress. After signing up, you can have a US address if you’re a Canadian resident. As soon as your items arrive at their station, they will notify you. You can log on to your account and select the “Push it North” option. Your package should be processed and transported within one business day. You can choose to have the package delivered to your doorstep, a convenient option that utilizes the lowest cost carrier available. Alternatively, you can pick the package at their Prescott location in Ontario.

You can sit back and relax as they do all the tedious work clearing your package through customs using their efficient custom-clearance network.