What to Consider Before Buying a Commercial Gas Stove Cooktop 

Rohan Mathew


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The central equipment in any commercial kitchen is a commercial gas stove. You can use commercial gas stoves for a variety of cooking functions. Whether during frying, steaming or boiling, commercial gas stoves have been aiding chefs in their careers. Bakers know certainly that their baking, roasting or broiling work smoothly with an efficient oven.

Commercial gas stoves come with varying features such as burners and ovens, alongside their primary make-up. In choosing a commercial gas stove for your kitchen, there are particular factors to note. 

We look into the major factors to consider before purchasing your commercial gas stove.

Which Cooktop Type Suits Your Taste?

Modern kitchens have evolved from what they used to be—a workplace with fireplaces, stoves and tables. Your commercial kitchen needs equipment which is stylish, efficient and powerful for your daily endeavours.

Cooktops offer a needed surface for dishing a range of classic and contemporary menus. But choosing cooktops among different available options can be tasking. Here’s an overview of the common cooktop types in the market.

Induction Cooktops

When you’re quite particular about excellent heat with additional safety, an induction cooktop might be what you’d want.

Induction cooktops are a form of electric cooktops but utilize electromagnetic waves as a source of heat. These types of cooktops provide heat faster than conventional cooktop types. With improved temperature control, induction cooktops naturally prevent fire explosions. It supplies heat only when suitable kitchen equipment makes contact with its surface, even when powered.

Often considered to be luxury equipment, induction cooktops have a range of advantages they offer. If you’re on a strict budget, you may want to consider another cooktop type.

Induction Cooktops

Gas Cooktops

Cooktops also provide your commercial gas stove with high heat plus cooking power.

Gas cooktops are generally preferred by chefs, as their high temperatures aid quick and efficient cooking. This type of cooktops produce open flames for heat and thereby heat dishes in a relatively short time. 

While gas cooktops come in various designs, most of them come with power burners for rapid temperature increase. Simmer burners also give minimal heat for low-heat dishes. Gas cooktops, mostly with commercial-grade fittings, can be commonly found among commercial kitchen equipment in Brisbane.

But that’s not all about cooktops; they also have their downsides. Their knob-like controls could make it challenging to attain specific temperatures when in use. Gas cooktops also require an effective gas connection. If your kitchen lacks a proper gas line, you probably have to consider another cooktop option.

Electric Cooktops

One distinguishing feature of electric cooktops is the consistent temperature controls they offer.

An electric cooktop doesn’t need any gas supply; you heat them using electricity. Because you don’t need a gas line for your electric cooktops, installing one is less burdensome. Conventional electric cooktops come with coil-burners, while more recent products bear a smooth top. 

Electric grade cooktops consistently provide the exact temperature requirement for your meals. You’d find them among other kitchens with commercial equipment around Brisbane.

Although many would take an electric cooktop for their comfort, others decline because it’s less responsive. The heating or cooling processes take time when regulating the temperatures.


There’s more to the cooktop features we’ve seen here.

Rangetops are different from other cooktop types. You install rangetops, sliding them into your kitchen countertop, proceeding from the counter rear to its front. Commercial gas stoves bearing cooktops can be regulated using control knobs on the counter. On the other hand, rangetops have their knobs at the edge of the counter, in front of the appliance.

There are rangetops which work with gas burners. Then there are also electric rangetops. 

Just like induction cooktops, rangetops are considered premium equipment for a commercial gas stove. That’s because of their relatively high costs.

In a Nutshell

Whether it’s a cooktop or commercial fryer filter you need, make informed choices for your kitchen.