What To Consider When Choosing a International Flower Delivery Service

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Nearly 65 percent of customers in the U.S say that receiving flowers helps them to feel special.

Sending flowers is a fantastic way of showing someone you’re thinking about them whether it’s during a difficult time or to celebrate an achievement.

Perhaps you’re planning to send flowers but aren’t sure how to find an effective international flower delivery service.

Sound familiar? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s everything to consider about the company.

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Consider the Price

On your quest to find the best international delivery service, it’s important to compare prices to see which one is the fairest. This will give you an average range of how much you must pay for the flower delivery. Plus, it lets you eliminate a flower delivery service that offers high prices for low-quality products.

And before you seal the deal, ask whether there are additional charges like for the arrangement or packaging. Also, it’s important to note, if you want to fast track your order then you must pay for special or next day delivery. Although it’s more expensive, it ensures that the flowers arrive on time.

Customer Reviews

To find the best international flower delivery company, check customer reviews to get honest feedback about their service.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to past clients to see whether they would recommend the company or if there are any hiccups. Also, ask family or friends for recommendations as they’ll give you honest feedback and may suggest online flower delivery services you never considered before.

Their Substitution Policies

The best flower delivery service will have a substitution policy in case the flowers perish mid-transit. Further, florists face a challenge sourcing a particular color or species so make sure they handle supply problems well.

Ask the adviser whether the business has a substitution policy in case they can’t get the flowers you initially wanted. You should do this in advance so that you or the recipient aren’t disappointed.

Choose the Right Container

Flower delivery services offer a wide range of containers whether it’s an individual flower or an arrangement. Decide which container best fits an occasion and a time-frame. For instance, a bouquet is a great instant option but if you’re sending flowers abroad then choose a jar.

Delivery Options

When you go on an online international flower delivery service’s site, you may notice the information on their site is different from what they do.

To be safe, find out whether they have your desired delivery route especially in a timely manner. If flowers are sent too early, for instance, they will lose their freshness and the recipient won’t be able to enjoy them. You should consider a company that is local to the recipient’s address for a stress-free solution.

Many reputable international flower delivery services let you add a note to your order, useful if the recipient lives at an address that’s hard to find.

You should add how to get to the destination, who to leave the delivery to if the recipient isn’t home, or the code if they live in an apartment building.

Once the delivery is confirmed, follow the flower’s journey using their tracking system. The flower delivery service should also send you an email when the order has been to dispatched and when it has arrived.

The Seasonal Flowers

Always choose seasonal flowers because the florist can do easily the arrangement and the bloom will look magnificent. Otherwise, the florist has to outsource your desired flowers which is expensive and time-consuming.

The service should provide an extensive range of flowers so there’s a bloom fit for every occasion. For example, if the recipient is allergic to orchids and the florist only has this then you must find other options.

Once you’ve found the perfect bloom, ask the company how they’ll pack the flowers because it determines how the flowers look post-delivery.

The bloom’s freshness depends on the water level in the vase and how it’s arranged while in transit. The flowers must be protected against bouncing and they shouldn’t rub against one another as it will ruin the petals.

Make sure the van has the optimal internal temperature as it’ll preserve the flowers from wilting.

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Handling and Care

The best international flower delivery services will tell you how to look after the bloom during and post-delivery. If not handled correctly, the flowers will die and the entire arrangement will be ruined.

Because of this, ask for detailed instructions so you know what to do.

Payment Options

You’ve found the perfect bloom, arrangement, and you’re ready to pay. Check the images properly so you know what you’re getting and then place the order.

The payment must be made via a secure third-party site either through your debit or credit card. Or find a service that offers alternative payments like PayPal depending on your preference.

If you’re planning to pay using a specific credit card or app then make sure the company accepts this mode of payment beforehand. Otherwise, you must start all over again.

That’s How to Find an International Flower Delivery Service

Now you know how to find a reputable international flower delivery service.

Before you place an order, make sure the bloom is seasonal, they have a substitution policy, and the order will be sent in a timely manner.

You must also check for customer reviews for honest feedback and add delivery information so your gift gets to the recipient quickly. Good luck!

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