What to look for when replacing windows in Calgary?

Rohan Mathew

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Embarking on house remodelling could be a daunting task and replacing windows isn’t any different. It isn’t as simple as choosing the paint colours. There are a lot of things to consider when replacing windows in Calgary. Window Mart is happy to offer you with honest advice and provide you all the options that help you make an informed decision.

Window aesthetics

For those who want an energy-efficient and beautiful window, they should opt for a vinyl or hybrid window frame. Though wood is elegant and appealing, it is not recommended for Calgary’s climate. Luckily, you will find vinyl window frames in a myriad of colors with customization options. And the list doesn’t end here. You have options for stained, tinted, frosted and carved glasses to enhance your aesthetic appeal. Inclusion of glass inserts or grids will help you accomplish a regally divided window.

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Easy maintenance

If you don’t want to constantly get your window frames repaired or check for damages, then you should go for vinyl window panes and frames. The only maintenance it requires is simple cleaning with a soft cloth and mild cleaning agent.

Wooden frames, on the other hand, require more than just simple cleaning. Because of the extreme weather conditions in Calgary, you need to go periodic inspections for warping, paint fading and cracks. Often, you may have to varnish, repair or even replace the frames.

Right value for money

It is very important to go for a window replacement which offers the right value for money. If you want a budget-friendly investment, then vinyl windows offer you the best value for money. Vinyl frames are cheaper than wood and fiberglass. They are long-lasting and allow you to bear the strenuous weather conditions with ease. So, you no longer have to worry about constant repairs and replacement of your windows.

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Different window styles

Once you have an idea of what material window frames you want and the design options for your glass panes, it is important to pick the window style. There are a lot of window designs and each has its own benefit. It is important to choose the one which blends with your house style.

Out of all the designs, the casement style offers the best view and highest ventilation to Calgary outdoors. Even awning windows offer great view and good ventilation but it doesn’t allow you to control the airflow direction like in the casement windows. If your aim is to extend the room and enhance the outdoor view, then a bay window is ideal for you.

Similarly, those who are looking for ease of cleaning, they can go for sliding windows. Even the double and single-hung windows are simple to clean.

Sustainable windows

Canada has seen a shift towards sustainable building ideology. For example, you will commonly see guidelines on window reuse. Similarly, your window replacement choices can also reflect your opinion on environment sustainability. Vinyl frames and panes are made of PVC and hence can be recycled.

If you are looking forward to replace windows Calgary, then get in touch with a reputed and reliable contractor who can handle your house renovation with great care.