Which 9anime is Real to Use?

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Which 9anime is Real to Use

9anime has gained immense popularity and trust because of its diverse video streaming facility, especially anime. It has gradually become the preferred destination for anime lovers.

About the Official 9Anime.com Website

The real 9anime website which grew in popularity was 9anime.com. It provided high quality English dubbed and subbed anime at 9anime without charging any fee or registration from users. However, the website is facing several downtime issues and currently isn’t working. The reason was server downtime because of a huge number of users at the same time. The website maintenance was always a challenge and because of frequent updates the site was finally closed. However, this is not the end of 9anime. Host-dot.com also talks about such sites like masterani, 9anime, m4ufree and many others to give audience a perspect about that which thing is working for people and what they need to use.

There are several other 9Anime website with similar functionality and UI just as 9anime.com. So, if you are asking yourself which 9anime site is real and safe to use?

Some of the similar websites undoubtedly provide good facilities; however they don’t ensure customer data safety and their privacy. People end up downloading unwanted files from these websites which could eventually harm their device.

Now you might be wondering, which should be the best 9Anime alternative to go for.

Well, this blog is mean to help you out by assisting in recognizing the real 9anime site you could use.

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Some Common 9anime.com Mirror Websites

To steal name and traffic of 9anime, many people created similar domains. Some of the most common mirror websites of 9 anime are:

9anime.to: This is considered as the best alternative to 9anime.com. You can find similar content and interface.

9anime.vip: This website provides similar content as 9anime.com. However user safety is still an issue.

9anime.tv: This website will eventually redirect you to 9anime.to

9anime.cool: 9anime.cool has a completely different interface then other websites. However, there is no option to watch videos online currently. It only provides info about a show, its cast and has an option to watch the trailer of the show.

They might be mirror sites of 9anime.com, but some of them provide the same facilities as the real website.

The Best Working 9Anime Website

9anime.to is the best alternative website of 9Anime. Other domains like 9anime nl, 9anime.tv and 9anime.ru aren’t suitable. This was confirmed by 9anime official twitter handle in one of their tweet.

The tweet said, “Hi everyone, .xyz, .vip or .cool are fake, they are trying to steal our brand”. Furthermore, you can also check the stats of all these websites.

You will find 9anime to with the best Alexa rank (2383) and domain authority.

Twitter is the best way to confirm because there are other several fake accounts of 9anime on Reddit which can guide you to the wrong website. You can bookmark the official website, because searching for 9anime will not redirect you to the official website every time.

Why to use the 9anime.to?

The main thing that makes the real 9anime website most preferable among people is the security of the users. 9anime.to ensures it same as 9anime.com. Moreover, there are a few advertisements on this website than on the other mirror sites. The content here is appropriate and arranged properly. In addition to this, the UI is very simple and optimized properly.

The video links from the official sites can be used to download any video because most of the downloading platforms allow video downloading from official 9anime website. You can use website like 9xbuddy or tube offline to download the videos.

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Why to Avoid sing other 9anime Websites?

Mirror websites do not provide any security of the user’s data. Moreover, they will ask for several permissions to access to their content. You’ll be tired of several pop-up pages that are irritating. Some of them won’t allow you to watch videos until you sign up to their website.

In addition to this, they have several ads which redirect you to unwanted websites. You cannot download videos using these sites URL because most of the websites don’t allow downloading content from these websites and are just mean to make earnings via advertisements.

Final Words

Using websites other than 9anime.to is not suggested by us. Try to avoid them for user security. Using other websites will inject your device with unwanted files which can harm your device and create data breach. Make sure to use 9anime.to only for enjoying your favorite shows along with user safety. That’s all we’ve got with which 9anime is real to use. We hope this blog was helpful, you can read more about 9anime, kisscartoon, kissanime or many others on techgfi like blogs.