Which Is The Most Widely Used CAD Software?

Rohan Mathew

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If you are starting any 2D or 3D project at a professional level then you might know which is the most widely used CAD software available in the industry. Designers or engineers making the most from this 3D modeling software, which is being the most essential tool for many industries. 

What is CAD Software?

CAD stands for Computer-aided Design and Drafting (CADD), which is a design and technical documentation technology that substitutes automated processes for manual drafting.

Whether you are a designer, engineer, or architect, you are very much familiar with these kinds of 2D-3D CAD software like AutoCAD, Auto Fusion 360, and so on. Such kind of software helps you in making models for construction modulation, explore different design ideas, visualize concepts, and create designs that work in the real world.

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Which Is The Most Widely Used CAD Software

 Now, in this guide, we have come across various CAD programs, used by many professionals. To know which is the most widely used CAD software let’s move ahead in this guide.

Various professional-grade CAD applications are available in the market. Each software has its own special features and products but if know the key difference that is a team collaboration and industry-specific feature then it’s easy to make a decision.  

CAD Softwares For Professionals And Beginners


Works At: Professional Level | Best For: Focus on 2D Designs | Developed By: AutoDesk | Compatible: Windows, Andriod, iOS, macOS | Formats: DWG, DXF 

Price: $140 per month or $1690 Annually

Autodesk, developed by Autodesk is a well-known CAD software for 2D modeling designs. The software evolves with the increasing demand for 3D mechanical engineering designs. AutoCAD Mechanical is a version released by Autodesk, which is a combination of AutoCAD functions and reliable tools.  

This program is used across various industries, that includes engineers, architectures, or graphic designers. In 2010, AutoCAD released an update, makes it available on mobile and web-app knew by AutoCAD 360.

The annual cost is $1,690, but there is unrestricted free access for up to a year for students and educators. 

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Note: The collection of features for versions of Windows and macOS differs considerably.

Fusion 360

Works At: Non-Professional Level | Best For: Small Businesses or Young Entrepreneurs | Developed By: AutoDesk | Compatible: Windows, macOS | Formats: F3D

Price: $41.25 per month or $495 Annually, free for small businesses (revenue under $100,000/year)

Fusion 360 is a cloud-based software that is also developed by Autodesk. That can allow storing files and studies automatically within Autodesk user’s accounts. Autodesk Fusion 360, supports native F3D files that include almost everything related to a project, from design to assembly, contains CAM-generated toolpath and simulation. 

The software comes with advanced tools that allow you to work on solid modeling, mesh modeling, and parametric modeling. It comes with easy to use interface and professional capabilities and workflow that attracts many users. 

Note: Make sure to check the updated version of this software and also get quick deals using Autodesk Fusion 360 promo code for a huge discount.


Works At: Professional Level | Best For: Mechanical Designs, Product Simulation | Developed By: AutoDesk | Compatible: Windows | Formats: DWG, IDW, IPT, IAM

Price: $173.75 per month or $2085 Annually

Inventor is also developed by Autodesk. It comes with various modeling tools including parametric, direct, free-form, and documentation or simulation capabilities in a single package.

This CAD software helps you in boosting your performance. It comes with a user-friendly interface, which is the main reason many designers use this program. It’s a primary application for architecture and product design professionally. 

Now, how Inventor differs from AutoCAD? In a nutshell, Inventor is a much more oriented program: digital prototyping and simulation. It is manufacturing-driven, which means that its consumers want to have an experience as close as possible to the real world to know how their items will work.

There are many 3D modeling software is available in the market that are offering excellent features and perks. In this guide, we provide three applications which is the most widely used CAD software in the industry.