Why are Turbo pumps so widely used?

Rohan Mathew

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There are many technologies that are harnessed by the world’s engineers to make our lives easier. One of them is vacuum technology. In simple terms, a vacuum is a space that does not have any gas or particles inside it. And even though you may think that creating vacuums is very easy, this process is far more technical than you think. It requires the combined efforts of several engineers and technological innovations. Agilent features lots of information on such vacuums. 

In particular, one of the most popular forms of vacuum pumps is the turbo molecular pump also known as a turbo pump. These types of pumps have a specific purpose and are not universally applicable, so the question arises, where is it used? In this article, we will explore how turbo pumps operate and why they are so much in demand. 

Turbo Pump Operation: 

The Turbomolecular pump has been named as such because it operates using turbo or turbine technology. Inside a pump, there are two kinds of fan blades or turbines. One set of the blades rotates like a fan, while another set of them stays in the same position. These fan blades are called rotors and stators respectively. Just like a turbine, these turbo pumps operate by compressing air and particles, and then shooting them out of the exhaust. 

The blades are both angled in a particular manner to facilitate the compression process. The way it works is that the gas particles strike the rotors which then add momentum to the gas. The gas then travels down to the stator blade, which then pushes the air onto the next pair of rotor-stators. This process is repeated several times until the gas  is compressed to multiple magnitudes . Once it is adequately compressed, the gas  naturally passes out of the vacuum space through an exhaust outlet. 

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Why Industries use Turbo Pumps?

Due to the nature of their operations and the ability to create high and ultra high vacuums, turbo pumps are utilized by a huge variety of businesses around the world. These are the reasons why they are seen to be so advantageous:

  1. Size:

Turbo pumps are smaller in size and always perform better than larger pumps that are not as size efficient. Transporting, installing and using the pump is easier due to its relatively smaller size and lighter weight. Therefore, it is more convenient overall compared to the competition.

  1. Energy Consumption:

Turbomolecular pumps are known for their energy efficiency. Unlike other types of pumps, impeller turbo pumps do not pump oil. Compared to other types of pumps, using a jet engine can save you almost 20% of energy. You may want to consider using a turbofan as it is more energy efficient  to reduce your electricity bill.  

  1. Less noise:

If you like to work in a quiet environment, choose a turbo pump.. Turbopump’s simple mode of operation makes it a favorite of many users. Agilent Technologies has  developed vacuum systems that can be monitored in real time.  

  1. Low maintenance costs:

World-class turbomolecular pumps  Guarantee a long lifetime and little or no repair. It depends on the technology used to manufacture the particular pump. Ceramic bearings  are used by some brands  for their stable heating, lighter in weight.  Some of the best turbo pumps can be found right at Agilent.

Turbomolecular pumps are an amazing technological wonder that industries keep on finding new uses for. Because of their usability , size, and low costs of operations, they have become a popular option for any situation that requires a high vacuum environment. 

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