Why Do People Vape (Over Smoking)

Rohan Mathew

You’ll likely have come across many people vaping. Indeed, it’s growing in popularity year on year. But you might not know why people are deciding to vape rather than smoke traditional cigarettes. Well, it turns out that there are plenty of good reasons why this should be the case! In this blog, we’re going to run through some of the top reasons why vaping is on the rise and smoking is on the decline. If you’re looking to give up cigarettes and enter the world of vaping, then take a read.

It’s More Socially Acceptable

One of the more problematic aspects of smoking is that it impacts other people. It’s impossible to smoke a cigarette around other people without them being impacted in one way or another. And that means that the act is becoming socially unacceptable. In fact, we’re already at that level. Vaping is different. Because there’s no harsh smoke produced, people generally don’t mind if someone is vaping around them. Plus, in many cases, you’re able to smoke inside. With cigarettes, you usually have to go outdoors (into the cold, no less), which is pretty anti-social.

Choice of Flavors

When you’re smoking cigarettes, you have the choice of one flavour. And that’s the flavour of tobacco. OK, there’s some difference in the taste between brands, but it’s all pretty minor differences. When you’re vaping, you’ll have the option of an endless array of flavours. You can keep the tobacco flavour if you want, but that’s far from your only option! There are fruity options, cool and smooth options, and much more available on sites like Vape on YEG. While you’ll likely find your favourite flavour, you’ll always have the option of mixing things up and trying something new when you feel like it. And that’s not something that you can get from regular cigarettes.

It’s More Affordable

One of the things that people hate the most about smoking is the amount of money that it costs. When you add up how much money you spend on cigarettes each year, you’ll probably be pretty shocked to see the total. While vaping isn’t free, it can be much cheaper than buying a packet. Indeed, the cost of one juice refill can be cheaper than a pack, and will last much longer! So in this sense, it’s good for your wallet as well as your health.


Finally, let’s think about the safety of vaping. Or rather, the dangers of smoking. A significant number of home fires are caused by cigarettes each year. Plus, did you know that cigarette butts are the most common litter in the world? A shocking percentage of those butts end up in the ocean, where they stay. When you’ve got a vape, there’s no flame, so you don’t need to worry about fires. And there is, of course, no butt. So long as you dispose of your containers properly, the environmental impact will be minimal.

And there we have it: that’s why people vape over smoking!