Your Guide to Finding the Best Wings in Orange County

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

There are very few snacks that can provide as fulfilling an experience as you get from chicken wings. The versatility of this dish is unrivaled in so many ways, especially in terms of how much you can play with it. That being said, if you want to enjoy chicken wing heaven, then we recommend that you visit Orange County, CA. There are quite a few amazing places to choose from and you could say that the wings in Orange County could beat any other place for the title of best wings any day of the year. We are sure that you are wondering by now where you can find these wings and we are sharing some of the most popular spots in the entire OC area.

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  • Vietnam’s Pearl

The Jalapeno Lime Chicken Wings give you a smack of flavor that you will only find in this establishment. Crispy and tender wings topped with jalapenos, scallions, and cilantro. The meat comes right off the bones without any effort, and you can hit the wings with some lime to give it the perfect tangy touch which offsets the oil. They look so divine when presented to you and you would not be blamed if you went in too early and burned your lips and tongue because these things are piping hot! In the end, the pain is certainly worth the pleasure, in our opinion.

  • MRK Public

If you are into sticky food, then the Vietnamese Sticky Wings in this joint are a treat for sure. These wings are not like your typical sticky food, though. They provide the flavor intended for the stickiness without being too bothersome as you quickly go through them all. The flavor is intense and the chili caramel on top is so unique and flavorful. To give the flavor a pleasant twist, some bits of garlic are also added on top. You can enjoy every bite of these wings and if you want to cleanse your palate, then simply munch on some of the pickled vegetables that come with the order.

  • Lillie’s Q

This place is popular among the locals for providing smoked wings and if you have already had smoked wings, then this place will rewrite the concept in your head completely! There is nothing crazy going on with the wings except for the care with which they are smoked, fried, and then tossed in the house-made buffalo sauce. Half the flavor is in the smoke and the rest comes from their amazing sauce. They also provide a blue cheese dressing with the order but with wings that good, you will probably forget to even use it.

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  • Vine

This is the place that you go to if you want to get fancy with your chicken wings. The option that you simply cannot leave without trying is the Crispy Meyer Lemon and Honey Duck Wings. Yes, they are not chicken wings, but you will not care about that at all once you take a bite from one of these duck wings. The meat falls right off the bones and the marinate is a total flavor bomb. They also provide you with a knife and fork because that is exactly how easy it is to take the meat off the bones. Fancy, isn’t it? We must congratulate the chef for creating such a unique item that makes its way to this list even though there is no chicken in it.


You can visit all the places listed here for different experiences and we are sure you will love each one of them. There are also other popular spots here like Wild Wild Wings and Anchor Bar. So, you can also check them out after visiting these places.