10 Dressing Tips to look Tall and Stylish – Complete Guide for Short Men & Women

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“Smile, keep your head high, and rock your new outfit,” we all have to repeat the motto while looking at ourselves in the mirror. Still, as soon as we head out from our comfort zone, we start becoming anxious about the stares, people, and generally, of everything.

You may wonder why? You may not necessarily understand unless you belong to a category more popular as “shorty, dwarfy, little one, short stuff, etc.” than their actual names.

“Looks, size, weight, and height shouldn’t matter. I’m short, and you’re tall. That’s how people are, different and unique.” – A Short Girl

If you can relate to it, that we believe you do, that’s why you are here reading this to overcome your insecurities and lack of confidence. We are here to help you bringing body positivity into your life.

Keep reading to discover some dressing tips and ideas to look stylish and tall without being conscious. Why? Because you can!

5 Dressing Ideas to Look Tall and Stylish for Women

  1. A Few Not-So-Obvious Inches Won’t Hurt (to your feet, of course)

If you’re a woman who is out for almost a whole day, you might instantly get a pained picture of yourself wearing uncomfy heels all day just because you can’t cope with your short height.

Congrats, now you don’t have to come back with sore and hurt feet with invisible height increase insoles that are comfortable even for prolonged wear (not for a whole day, though) and give you a subtle height increase.

Note: Height increase heel insoles are perfect for men, women, kids, elders, and people of all ages.

  1. A Crop-Top to Increase the Illusion

How you decide to dress up matters a lot to accentuate your features. Opt. for a plain white or black crop top and pair it with your high-waisted or ankle grazer jeans by Mavi, trousers, or skirts to get an instant illusion of tall height. 

Ankle boots, lace-up sandals, block heels, statement sneakers, knee-boots, slide sandals, and mules are some of the shoes you can wear.

  1. Say No to Over-Sized Baggy Clothes

We are not asking you to wear fitted clothes, just like Victoria’s Secret model would do. But we also don’t recommend you wearing oversized or baggy clothes that may accentuate your petite and small figure even more.

If you are not comfortable wearing fitted clothes, choose the ones with a fit around the waist.

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  1. Choose Dresses with Stripes & Floral Prints

Vertical line stripes can add a tall illusion to your petite figure and small height. Pair your striped jeans or skirts with floral printed shirts to complete the look. If you want to look thinner, go for a horizontal stripe dress as they fill in more space, and highlight your body.

  1. In the V-Necks & Turtle-Necks to Your Wardrobe

V-neck tees and dresses can make your neck look long, giving a taller illusion to your torso. The same goes for turtle-necks. Not only will these enhance your frame, but they will also give you a stylish and the-it look.

Pro-tip: Your hairdo can make or break your look. You don’t want to accentuate the things you are not comfortable with. A short hair cut will enhance your neck, making you look tall and chic. If not, roll your long-hairs into a top-knot.

5 Dressing Ideas to Look Tall and Handsome for Men

Yes, man can too be small. Why? Because they are also human, and height doesn’t favor any person. If you’re short, you are short, regardless of your gender.

  1. Be Confident in Slim-Fit Clothes

Slim and fitted suits will make you look taller and lean. Instead, loose-fitted and baggy clothes will only give you a broader look making you look chubby and short.

For a better understanding, pair your over-sized tee with loose jeans and look at your silhouette in the mirror. Do the same with fitted jeans and a shirt. Feel the difference in how do you look and decide your new style.

  1. Keep it Buttoned-Up Above the Navel

Coats for a short man is a no-no, but there are times when you have to wear suits and coats. For instance, say you are a leader of a managing team at a top-notch firm, and you are going to attend a formal dinner with your boss, or even participating as groomsman to your best friend’s wedding.

Rock your suit by buttoning up the coat right above your navel. It will make your legs look longer.

  1. Prefer Less-Contrast Colors

If you are a fan of a white tee and black pants, it can make you look smart, but only if your height is already tall. A short man can achieve the same stylish look by including analogous or monochromatic colors in his wardrobe.

It will increase the vertical figure without accentuating the short frame.

  1. Cut Belts from Your Life (Actually, from Wardrobe)

You don’t want to wear anything that can divide your body frame in half (Not literally). For instance, belts can separate your upper and lower body in a horizontal manner around your waist, which will only make your legs and torso look shorter and broader.

Choose to wear high-waisted pants, jeans, trousers to have an enhanced vertical illusion.

  1. Long-Sleeves & Small Patterns

If you want your body frame to look thinner, taller, and smarter, always choose thin stripes or small-sized patterned shirts. Try to wear long-sleeved shirts to elongate your arms—Tuck in your dress shirt to perceive your waistline.

Pro-tip: Give your hair an extra volume on the top to add a few extra inches to your height. Include clothing accessories like ties, hats, socks, bags, and glasses to divert the attention from your body frame to your overall look.

When we talk about how short people might be insecure with their height or small figure, the few things that almost everyone comes up with is:

“Why are you insecure?” “You are fun-sized, that’s okay,” “Oh C’mon, you are not that short,” “Short people are still people,” “Try weightlifting, it works,” and the list goes on and on.

But the point to ponder is, you can still be smart, cool, and taller by just making few changes in your dressing style. In the end, what matters is how you choose to represent yourself. If you are comfortable with how you look, let it be.

But, if you want to be more confident in your body, use our tips to help yourself.

Do you have other tips and ideas you have tried? Make sure to share with us in the comments.

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