10 Safety Tips for Hosting Foam Parties For Kids

Rohan Mathew

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10 Safety Tips for Hosting Foam Parties For Kids

Are you considering hosting a foam party for kids and would like to learn a few tips for hosting foam parties for kids?

As much as foam parties are fun, necessary precautions should be taken to avoid injury or unforeseen dangers during the event.

Practical Safety Tips For Hosting Kids’ Foam Parties 

1.  Arrange for Adult Supervision

The first safety tip for hosting foam parties for kids is to make arrangements for adult supervision.

Kids can often get too playful, safety restrains are important. You may want to ensure there is enough supervision from adults to ensure everything goes well and as planned.

Ensure adults are holding the kids as at when needed. It is recommended to have the hands of the children free from objects that may poke their eyes, mess themselves, or objects that can be potentially harmful.

2.Give Detailed party Instruction or Guide.

When hosting foam parties for kids, consider sending a detailed party instruction/guide as you send an invitation.

You could include simple safety rules as listed below in the instruction guide.

3. No Shoes Allowed While in The Foam

Consider this an important safety tip for hosting foam parties for kids. Avoid wearing flip-flops in foam parties to prevent kids from slipping and falling.

Encourage guests (kids) to wear water, tennis, or bathing shoes while in the foam areas.

4. Provide A Place for Phones & Other Items

While planning a foam party for kids, you might want to consider having a safe place (separate room or lockbox) for items that can be damaged in water. 

By so doing, you give your guests and kids the assurance that their items are safe as they have fun. 

Also, ensure to keep watches or jewelry away from the foam area while kids are playing in it.

5. No Food Or Drink Is Permitted While Playing In The Foam

Another safety tip for hosting foam parties for kids is to watch out to ensure no food item or drink is taken into the foam area by kids.

This could mess the foam area up.

6. Gift-Items and Wrappings 

Ensure that your items used for decorating the party or wrapping gifts such as school/office supplies such as scissors, ball-pens, are not left anywhere around the party or foam area where children can reach them. 

This is to avoid poking their eyes with sharp objects. 

Ensure to lay down clear ground rules to keep everything under control and safe.

Also, ensure to keep your kitchen utensils like knives away from a kid’s reach in the party to avoid injuries or harm of any sort.

7. Recommend Foam Party Wears.

You can include it in the instruction guide to enable the invited kids to come with the appropriate foam party wear.

Encourage swimming suits and sportswear to allow for convenience and fun. 

You may also want to consider including eye-protective wear such as safety goggles in the instruction guide. 

Also, consider informing the kids when inviting them to come with clean bath towels (if you can’t provide them for the party).

8. No sliding, skidding, or picking kids up

It could be very tempting for kids to run and try to slide since they are immersed in a slippery-fun party. 

It could be dangerous, not just for the person sliding, but for anyone they may slide in. 

It is important to ensure that the kids follow these rules to avoid collisions, resulting in neck and back injuries. 

Avoid picking kids up while in the middle of a foam party. The reason is that foam makes people slippery, making the chance of someone being dropped or falling much more likely. 

9. Use Plastic Cups and Plates- Avoid Breakables.

The above is yet another safety tip for hosting foam parties for kids.

When hosting foam parties for kids. It’s important to avoid using anything breakable.

Especially glass cups or plates. Broken glass is easily covered by foam and people are much more likely to get hurt by it.

Besides, plastic cups and plates are far easier to clean up at the end of a party than glass.

10. Ensure the Right Soap Is Chosen

Make sure to use the services of experienced foam machine operators when hosting a foam party for kids.

Inexperienced operators may use dishwashing liquid instead of foams from non-toxic, hypoallergenic, non-irritating, non-staining solutions.

This mistake is likely to cause skin and eye irritation for kids or guests at the foam party. However, this could be avoided by ensuring you work with professionals when hosting foam parties for kids.

The above tips are important safety tips for hosting foam parties for kids. Kindly observe them and make your foam party a super-fun and harm-free one.