10 Secrets to Thicker and Denser Hair for Men

Rohan Mathew

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Hair is an important feature of the body. It is one of the first things people see when they look at you. Therefore, it is one important thing that supplements to the first impression created of a person. The changing trends in hairstyles and increasing styling products in the world is due to this.

For instance, a person with untied hair full of lice can turn out to be a very untidy person. On the other hand, one who combs and styles their hair has a different impact altogether. This is why hair salons and hair transplant centres have gained popularity over time.  Studies say that hair fall treatment for men is one of the commonly available services in salons.

This article will talk about some ways to improve the strength and texture of men’s hair.

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Drink a Lot of Water

Water is a very significant factor in our body. It is a catalyst that activates successful metabolism in the body.  Studies have proven that every human should drink at least 2 litres of water every day. It will help in the proper functioning of the body. Water improves the texture of the skin and scalp, reducing problems like dandruff, dryness and itching.

Water also has the quality to keep the scalp and  hair nourished from root to tip. Water also has the property to heal, so the hair will repair itself. Problems like split ends and brittleness of hair can have an easy end by drinking lots of water.


Keratin is an important component which helps in hair growth. It consists of many minerals including dietary sulphur. Onions are the best alternative for keratin because they also contain dietary sulphur. They help in the production of enzymes and proteins that are important for hair growth.

Extract the juice of one onion and rub evenly on the scalp. Leave it overnight to get the best results. Studies show very good results  from the beginning of 4 weeks itself. Onion oils are also available in the market as a means of hair fall treatment for men and women.

Wash Hair Regularly

Many suggest that it is not wise to wash the hair everyday as it can cause a lot of hair fall. However, abstaining from regular hair wash can dry out the scalp and create problems like dandruff. It can also cause sweat to turn into dirt on the scalp and clog the hair follicles. This can create problems like hair fall and thinning of hair.

Men’s hair being shorter is more manageable than women’s long hair. So, hair fall goes unnoticed as not much can be found on a comb.  Go for a good massage with oil before bathing everyday. Then, wash your hair with mild shampoo to have a fresh and nourished scalp. Dry your hair thoroughly and comb well before continuing with other activities.

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet does wonders to the texture and growth of hair. Food rich in proteins and vitamins maintain the oil and sebum production in the scalp. Food items like eggs and yogurt contain a lot of protein to prevent hair fall. Vitamin A is important for sebum production in the scalp. Vegetables like spinach, carrot and sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A.

Biotin and Omega 3 fatty acids are other important nutrients required to maintain healthy and smooth hair. A healthy diet is important not only for the hair but also for the proper functioning of the body.

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Regular Massage

Hair Care is very important to have proper growth and texture of the hair. Stimulation of the scalp can lead to proper blood circulation and faster growth of hair. Massaging stretches the thickness of the cells of hair follicles, stimulating them to make more thicker hair. Massages at regular intervals can help in this stimulation. Use coconut oil as it has more absorbency than other oils.

Move in small circles using fingertips and apply medium pressure on the scalp. A massage for a minimum of five minutes thrice a day can work wonders. Massaging is not only good for the head but also for the proper functioning of the body. It can de-stress a person after a rough day at work.


Hair fall, dandruff, itching are some common problems faced by all human beings irrespective of sexes.The nature of hair and its management can have a huge impact on the person.There are innumerable treatments for hair including hair spa and dandruff treatment. Men are as conscious of their hair as much as women are. It adds to the cleanliness of a person.