100 Common Adjectives to Improve Your Writing Skill

Rohan Mathew

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100 Common Adjectives to Improve Your Writing Skill

Being a crucial element of a language, adjectives can make any kind of discussion interesting. If we speak casually without emphasizing much concerning the qualities of our point of consideration, it goes rather dull, and audiences do not discover our conversation engaging. Besides, adjectives used in writing can generate an accurate picture of a situation in the readers’ mind. For example, check out any kind of detailed story, it will certainly always be full of adjectives. They grab our attention, activate curiosity in us and also make the writing more attractive.

Therefore grasping a list of adjectives commonly used in everyday life is very important for us to express ourselves more clearly. To save your time, we complied such a list below for you with 100 adjectives. Make sure to check them.

  • adorable
  • agreeable
  • amused
  • annoying
  • ashamed
  • brave
  • busy
  • cautious
  • clean
  • cloudy
  • combative
  • crowded
  • cute
  • dead
  • delightful
  • different
  • distinct
  • eager
  • elegant
  • encouraging
  • expensive
  • faithful
  • fantastic
  • fine
  • gifted
  • glorious
  • graceful
  • healthy
  • hilarious
  • lazy
  • lonely
  • lucky
  • modern
  • naughty
  • nutty
  • odd
  • outrageous
  • rich
  • shiny
  • sleepy
  • sore
  • spotless
  • stupid
  • talented
  • tender
  • thankful
  • wrong
  • alert
  • angry
  • anxious
  • attractive
  • bad
  • blue
  • calm
  • charming
  • clear
  • crazy
  • cruel
  • dangerous
  • depressed
  • difficult
  • easy
  • embarrassed
  • energetic
  • evil
  • frantic
  • funny
  • good
  • grieving
  • handsome
  • helpful
  • homeless
  • joyous
  • light
  • long
  • magnificent
  • mysterious
  • nervous
  • obedient
  • outstanding
  • plain
  • puzzled
  • wandering
  • wide-eyed
  • worried
  • zany
  • aggressive
  • alive
  • annoyed
  • arrogant
  • average
  • beautiful
  • black
  • brainy
  • bright
  • careful
  • dark
  • defiant
  • determined
  • disgusted

Humans are slow animals in comparison with cheetah, rabbit or deer. And our strength is much less than that of elephants or hippos. Mentally we can be overcome by the fidelity and genuine love of a puppy. Only in language are we plainly superior.

Adjectives are unique words, since thanks to them we can recognize what a person resembles, if an item belongs to someone or otherwise, if we are near or much from something, if we are first, 2nd or third. In other words, there is an adjective for each situation.

Allies of nouns

Everything that borders us has one dimension or an additional relying on the intervention of certifying adjectives. Things are quite or ugly, people behave or undesirable, animals threaten or harmless.

We can not claim anything concerning a point, individual or living being if we do not resort to a qualifying adjective. Some serve to define in a positive as well as free way and others for the contrary.

Mine, yours as well as theirs

The words we make use of to show property are possessive adjectives. Thanks to them we understand just how to determine that this is mine, yours or their own. They are positioned before or after the noun (that is my pet dog or that publication is mine).

Speaking about distances between things and people

Demonstrative adjectives serve to connect just how far we are from something or somebody. If I claim that this table is dirty, I am indicating that stated item is within walking range, while if I affirm that neighbor is hostile, I am saying that the above-mentioned individual is very much from my position.

The undefined

They offer inaccurate details concerning the noun they go along with. If I claim that any kind of day I am visiting you I am not stating anything concrete. If I comment that I have a whole lot or little cash, I also do not give accurate information regarding my economic condition.

By stating that everyone is different I do not suggest any person specifically. If I inform a buddy that we will certainly talk one more day, it is not known when that day will be. Indefiniteness is the quality of these adjectives.

Putting numerical orders

Numeral adjectives provide accurate info on measurable concerns. We utilize them to count points or individuals. While the undefined are unclear, they claim something precisely (one hundred soldiers, a close friend, or 4 children).

On the other hand, the adjectives primary numerals enable to buy scenarios of mathematical kind (it is my twentieth birthday). Partitive adjectives numerals indicate what part of something we are discussing (a third of my riches or half of my food).