13 Daycare Franchise Opportunities for 2022

Albert Howard

13 Daycare Franchise Opportunities for 2022

With the demand to wear masks slowly dwindling, more so in public spaces, daycare franchise opportunities could rise in 2022. According to grand view research, the US childcare industry value stood at $54.3 billion in 2019, with potential growth of 2.9% in 2027. 

The growth is attributed to the increase in dual working parents and the growing demand for early childhood education. In 2019, the reported number of children enrolled in kindergarten alone was 3.7 million, and 1.4 in pre-kindergarten. 

During quarantine, many parents lost their jobs, with others embracing the work-from-home model, which saw them spend time with their children. Since the markets are now open and parents are resuming their official duties, the demand for childcare services is likely to skyrocket. 

With a ready market and desirable working environment, it’s time for those seeking business opportunities to be alert. Are you a lover of children? Do you value the efforts made by daycare owners to serve children, families, and the community? Does the idea of owning your own startup entice you? This content will shed some light on some of the best franchise opportunities to explore in 2022. 

  • The Goddard School

This school was founded in 1983 by Lois Goddard Haines. In 2018, more than 400 schools were operating with the same business name and model in over 36 states like Philadelphia, Atlanta and Chicago. 

The Goddard School values education as their primary daycare approach. It’s meant to create a foundation for an all-rounded individual in a child’s academic, emotional, creative, physical, and social dynamics. Children are also exposed to other activities like yoga, sign language, foreign language and music. 

Parents are highly involved through conferences and, significantly, daily reports that show the activities and progress of their little ones. 

The franchise fee for the school is up to $135 000. 

  • Creative World School

This school is family-owned and was started in 1970. The school has grown and opened companies in states like Missouri, Florida, Georgia and Virginia. The school is suitable for children who show STEM abilities focusing on engineering, science, technology, mathematics, and art. 

If you are wondering what it costs to be a partner, its fee is $75 000. 

  • Skidaddles

The company was started in June and managed to open a new franchise that very year. It has branches in states such as Ohio and Kentucky. Its rampant growth was noted in 2017 when it bagged an NKY award. It also received an award for Best Parenting. To open a franchise with Skidaddles, you’ll need a fee of $188 276. 

  • Adventure Kids Playcare

The company has been operational since 2004 but started opening franchises in 2006. It has grown to 16 regions and is looking for more franchises around the country. Their daycare program is more about play and fun with a first aid crew. Does this sound like the franchise you’d like to be part of? Their initial fee is $29 500. 

  • Children’s Lighthouse

It has been operational since 1996 but has been offering franchises since 1999. It has opened shops in 55 regions, growing at a 40% speed as of 2020. It has a curriculum for different age groups, from infants to 12 years. Its initial fee for partnership is $200 000. 

  • KLA Schools

Its first location was in Miami in 2008 and is currently in 15 areas; and has been franchising since 2009. Its teaching experience is based on environments stimulating the inner desire to learn. A starting fee of $78 000 is needed to join the franchise. 

  • Genius Kids

The learning approach for a genius child is meant to make every child feel like a genius. It was started in 2001 and only admits qualified educators. Its franchise fee is $ 50 000. 

  • LeafSpring Schools

In 1988, it had grown to 12 regions including North Carolina, Virginia, and Indiana. It has expert educators and focuses on academics as its entry point. It is known for caring for children just like a family provides health care services, transportation, diapers and meals. Its initial cost is $87 500. 

  • College Nannies, Sitters and Tutors

This company was started in 2005 by Joe Keeley. Its initial location in Minnesota made a difference by offering different specialties: sitters, nannies, specialty care, and nannies. They find the right person to suit the needs of a parent and offer the service in the comfort of a client’s home. Their initial fee for a partnership is $45 000. 

  • All About Kids

As the name suggests, the company takes in toddlers and children below 12 years. With its roots in Ohio, it’s the only LEED-certified daycare in the region. It has cameras that allow parents to see how their children fare in their absence. Its initial fee is $150 000. 

  • Primrose Schools

In 2019, Primrose was listed on Forbes as the best fifth franchise to buy. It was started in 1982 and had over 200 franchises in over 15 states. They base their curriculum on learning, exposing children to science, math, emotional intelligence, language and physical education. Their initial fee is $80 000. 

  • KidsPark

Debbie Milner founded it in 1988. The payment model at this company is per hour, ensuring that parents only pay for used time. It is focused on education and games for a balanced outcome for children. The endeavor to make children active. Its initial fee for partnership is $258 750. 

  • Lightbridge Academy

This company has been in existence since 1997, initially founded by a couple in collaboration with Julia Falzarano. It currently has stations in more than 100 locations and is looking to expand to even more. The business model is tied to family values and community. If this interests you, $40 000 is required. 

With the prospects in daycare demands on the rise, it may be the opportune time to look into daycare opportunities in 2022. This content will help you decide on the right franchise to work with.