20 Tips to Make Your Website and eCommerce a Traffic-Magnet

Rohan Mathew

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Not all traffic is bad. Some are plain pleasure. I’m sure if you own a website, you’ve had these moments. Who hasn’t? But like any pleasure, it doesn’t last long, wish it had. But it doesn’t! You enjoy it now, and the very next moment: everything seems so dead and sleepy.

That said, everyone wants to get consistent with this feeling of brokenness, especially the marketers. I mean… how would it feel to have hundreds of orders today, and zero for the next five days. 

An online business needs consistency. And that comes with consistent traffic. It’s why marketers are trying everything in their might to get ample traffic. Don’t worry, I have hacked their computers and robbed some of the quality tips for boosting visibility and traffic. And I’m going to share them with you. So yes, ready to roll?

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20 cool hacks for boosting visibility and enhancing traffic on your website like a pro

Tip #1 Advertise on every effing channel.

Advertising is not four-directional. It’s infinite-directional. You can get traffic from any source— social media advertisement, email lists, paid searches, display advertising, anddddd… whatever you can think of. 

If you’re eyeing to grab eyeballs through these channels, use relevant keywords and have your website visible. It’s a key eCommerce seo strategy.

Tip #2 Get your butt on social media.

Most people want to be called introverts, including myself. But that isn’t helping. Because getting traffic on your website is about parking your introversion on a shelf and going with enthusiasm, liveliness, and wakefulness. 

You can do all this on social media. Create and promote your content on digital platforms and earn traffic that matters the most.  

Tip #3 Add analogy and humour in your content.

Engagement. You want readers and viewers to be sitting on the edge of their seats! Dead content is as good as “no-ducks-given.” Good for throwing into the dustbins. 

Honestly, no one gives a damn about your campaign and strategy if you’re not engaging your prospects with benefits. Sprinkling a bit of humour and easy-analogies can lead to multiple-sharing and resultant traffic.

Tip #4 Write the worst of the worst headlines.

How’s that possible? Can a bad headline get you sales? Absolutely not. But aren’t you reading this? That’s the point I’m trying to make. Make compelling headlines that grab your reader’s attention. Had I written “write good headlines,” it would have been just another cliche-rant. Isn’t it? 

But the ‘worst headline’ has got your attention, and I’m sure you’re reading this. Hence, practice writing concise & attention-grabbing copies. Don’t stick to the one— write ten different alternatives and settle with one.

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Tip #5 “On-page SEO is dead,” said those who are dead. But not SEO. 

Saying SEO is dead is as good as calling search engine marketings dead. Do you think Google is dead? It’s an absolutely rubbish claim by elites. It’s still valuable and gives the bang on your buck. 

Unlike paid marketing, seo for eCommerce websites and other pages are free. All you have to do is appease Google’s crawlers with some diligently-processed SEO techniques. Alt texts, backlinks, swift websites, etc. to name a few and you’re almost reaching there.

Tip #6 Use long-tail keywords as a powerful seo ingredient.

“A pink laptop with an apple on its body” is a long-tail keyword. Searchers with long-tail keywords are closer to a point-of-purchase. You want to get these searchers on your website more than anyone. 

They’re bright prospects who can convert. Stuffing your content and web pages with long-tail keywords will go beyond traffic and get you the much-needed sales.

Tip #7 Write on guest’s walls—workaround guest-blogging.

Yeah, yeah! It’s dead. For radical marketers, everything is dead because it’s not working for them. But guest blogging remains as effective as it was two years ago! Write on guest’s websites who have good traffic and direct their crowd to your page. 

And yes, you wouldn’t want to be using spammy tactics, your website could be penalized the way you would never want. Your blog should be relevant and problem-solving for the readers. You’re not wasting your time on the irrelevant audience.

Tip #8 Reverse the process. Let experts blog on your page.

We know you’re an expert in your den, but inviting more experts to guest post on your website will bring credibility and name. These bloggers will most probably link-out their pages on the write-up. It gives you another window for earning traffic. 

Also, please ensure the quality of your content. Google is a tough lady to appeal. And if you don’t take the right means, she isn’t accepting your proposal. In fact, she’ll throw you right at the bottom of the search result page.

Tip #9 Publish content that begs to be linked to. Focus on referral traffic.

Either you create content that everyone links to, of course, without having to ask them, or you keep searching for people who could favour you with backlinks. What would you choose? 

If your answer is the first one, spend more time creating content that organically sells, rather than persuading other websites and blog spaces to link you.

Tip #10 Use LinkedIn effectively. It’s a powerhouse of conversion.

Look. LinkedIn has serious people with serious motives. They’re always looking to buy services and products. I would say, it has still not reached its full potential, but at half-of-its potential, it’s more effective than any social media platform in its own right. 

Posting relevant content concerning your industry will not only get a crowd on your website but create a persona of your brand within your niche. An eye for a moderate to big following and you’re halfway accomplishing your goal.

Tip #11 Use internal linking wisely.

No matter how hard you try, some pages simply don’t rank. They don’t get crowds. You can call them the resentful kids at the bottom of the hierarchy, trying too hard to climb the ladder, but they can’t. 

However, it’s not that you can’t do anything about it. Linking good-traffic pages with weak-pages can siphon some audience to the dead pages. So when you’re creating content, make sure youhave opportunities for internal linking. 

It would help your readers float through your website without getting back to the home page again and again. Customer experience ticked = higher engagement = better ranking = higher traffic.

Tip #12 Interview the bosses of the industry. Publish them right away.

You’re the boss in your industry, but you’re not the only boss! Remember it. All the industries have flocks of geniuses waiting to be interviewed. It’s not something that’s reserved with giants of the industry. 

Write effective emails requesting the interviews, and publish these interactions on social media and your eCommerce and website. It would boost your credibility in the market, and if the interviewee shares your content— you have the cherry on the top.

Tip #13 eMail marketing is still the dad of many marketing.

I know you’re tempted to promote content through social media and websites, but one area you might be neglecting is eMail marketing. Your subscriber list will let you market your campaign and content to the people who’re connected with you. Mind you; these are the people who are the potential prospects. 

A slightly effective email subject line with short and engaging content is good to uptick traffic on your website. Please don’t spam your subscribers with a flurry of emails. It’s over-ambitious to think of converting them with hundreds of updates in a week. All they would do is, unsubscribe you.  

Tip #14 A fast website is a quick return on investment.

There’s a correlation between the fast website and return on investment. Your website is the entry point for customers. And if you’re screening them too long on the entry gates— they’ve no interest in your business. 

All it would take them is to hit the back tap, and your prospect disappears in thin air. So having a website that quickly loads and doesn’t add pain in the neck of your visitors are musts. Consult eCommerce seo companies to optimize the speed of your website.

Tip #15 Stay responsive on all the screens.

Desktops were love. Yes. ‘Were.’ Mobile is what people are browsing on. Shopping, news, work, social media— there is a massive uptick in mobile users. That calls for your presence on the devices where your customers are spending most of your time. 

You wouldn’t call thousands of them on a desktop. Would you? Deers go to the water; water doesn’t come to deers. eCommerce or websites, make sure your business is easily accessible on mobile and tablet views. Forcing your customers to scroll around aimlessly means deterring them from your website.

Tip #16 Produce a sense of belongingness with online communities.

You’re not a talking tom. Your business need not talk to itself. Brands are not just about selling products and services but offering opportunities for customers and readers to express their views. Building communities to your site is an excellent way of getting traffic. 

Facebook, Quora, Reddit, Medium— updates, interaction, solutions, etc. on these platforms will give your customers a sense of belongingness. The associativity feels good, and customers become loyal. Participate, let others participate, and manage the decorum of the community.

Tip #17 Poke in the comment sections.

Poking your nose in the comment section is one of the right ways to enjoy traffic to your website. No, I’m not asking you to literally poke on all the social media posts, websites, and forums. It’s not helping you, trust me. It did in the past, but today— user-generated content has to be as good and engaging as the post itself. 

By adding insightful two-bit, you can subsequently drive more traffic on your website. Don’t dropship spammy links on unrelated niches. Add thought-provoking content which drives other commenters and the author to link your website.  

Tip #18 Keep a bird-eye view on analytics.

Brick and mortar business = online business without analytics. Seriously, why did millions of people shift to online businesses? Because they could make evidence-based decisions. Without data, you’re just another guy with business opinions. 

Fortunately, Google Analytics is an excellent way to have insightful data on your web performance and visitor’s demography. Blending these useful data, you can improvise when and as wanted. Since you have information on which pages are doing well and not, adapt different content strategies to hook the visitors to your store. 

Tip #19 Short and concise videos have surpassed writing and images.

What do you remember more? The wavy-flowy shirt of your teacher, or the texts on the blackboard? Humans retain and interpret things that move much faster than something that remains still. While text and images have their place in marketing, moving-visual material are nicely absorbed in the brain. 

And this attracts attention, engagement, and traffic. Anyway, our attention span has decreased to a mere 8 seconds. Videos are good ways to catch eyeballs for a tad more extended period. 

Tip #20 Sneak peek at your competitors.

Uhh! How is sneaking at competitors getting you traffic? Well, wait a second! Your competitors are marketing their products/services. Right? They’re using content strategy to reach out to the target audience. Right? They’re getting traffic from writing useful content. Right? When they’re doing everything right in their domain, wouldn’t it just make sense to learn what they’re doing and avoid the mistakes they’ve been making? 

Tools like BuzzSumo will let you check out what your competitors are doing. Following the footstep, you can strategize and deploy your content campaigns and have traffic at your will. 

The final argument, until we meet again.

Honestly, the list will go on and on, but this won’t finish! I already feel my hair has aged sharing these tips. But I’m sure you’ll implement them and see how they work for you. Yes, I haven’t covered them in detail, which I’m most likely to do shortly. Till we meet again.

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