3 Best Appliance Repair Services in Calgary, AB?

Rohan Mathew

Your appliances and electronic devices are an integral part of your life. They make your life easier by helping you accomplish various tasks. The electronic components of these devices are usually sensitive; therefore, you have to pay for regular servicing for them to function effectively. That comes with the challenge of finding a good appliance repair service. Firstly, Calgary has a large market for appliance repair services. Additionally, a technician needs to be able to repair different brands of appliances under warranty and diagnose the reason for the failure of the appliance—all these under a strict schedule. These factors make it challenging to find a competent appliance repair firm.

Worse, consumers may at times have to deal with hidden charges and shortcuts from the service providers. Finding a suitable repair service is not limited to what works for you; they should offer satisfying solutions comparable to what Quality Appliance Repair Calgary LTD does. You should also be able to engage them long-term. Here are 3 top appliance repair services in Calgary, AB. 

  • Appliance Service Center 

They have bagged industry expertise within the appliance fixing and maintenance sector for over 64 years. Appliance Service Centre ranks high in Calgary, AB, as a top electronics servicing organization. They carry out their responsibilities proudly and understand that their consumers value reasonable prices for quality and trustworthy labor. Their employees are entirely certified, insured, and bonded. Aside from that, their assessment and restoration solutions are limited to exclusively offering solutions that you require to have your activities back on track and nothing more. Therefore, you won’t make extra payments for any unnecessary modifications.

Appliance Service Centre’s top objective is to elevate the benchmark for service delivery by offering repair services and maintenance within the appliance sector. Their drive aims at fulfilling your needs and giving you the attention you deserve. Further, they commit a great deal of time and skillset to achieve one hundred percent client satisfaction. They offer services on the same day or the following day when you engage them. However, they can’t always meet these deadlines when fully booked. Once they repair your appliance, they’ll provide you with a three-month warranty on components.

They specialize in;

  • Wall ovens
  • Fans
  • Stoves or ranges
  • Refrigerators
  • Washing machines
  • Dryers
  • Dishwashing machines
  • Microwaves
  • Electronic disposers
  • Quality Appliance Repair Calgary Ltd

Quality Appliance Repair has one of the top teams within the appliance repair industry in Calgary, AB. Moreover, they have flourished over time by offering personalized services to customers. Their solutions line provides speedy responses for appliance repairs. Quality Appliance Repair has a good reputation within Calgary and its surrounding areas as it consistently delivers excellent customer outcomes. Further, their BBB accreditation makes them more appealing to clients who can confidently request their services and expect high service delivery and satisfaction.

Most Quality Appliance Repair solutions are at a standard rate. Their specialists will first investigate the faults of your equipment before presenting you with any costs to ensure they are only dealing with what is possible to solve. From there, they forgo call-out fees for total repair costs. You will know the fixes’ actual charges, and they won’t add additional minutes to your bill.

It’s worth mentioning that they reference their BlueBook from MASPG (Major Appliance Services National Price Guide). Also, they have approvals from NARDA, the United Servicers Association, and MSA. Their specializations include;

  • Stove and oven maintenance and setup
  • Refrigerator leakages
  • Dishwasher fixes
  • Kitchen cooking tops
  • General fridge repairs
  • Fixing dryers
  • Ice making machines
  • Washer
  • Induction
  • Range components and Twin cool
  • Southland Technical Service

Southland Technical Service, a well-known appliance repair company, has been in Calgary since the early eighties. They deliver exceptional services, create connections, and ensure customers are satisfied with their list of services. Professional engineers and technicians from Southland Technical Service have at least 20 years of industry expertise. They are well-qualified to work on electrical products and devices. 

These technicians have a background in working with recycling plants while complying with government approvals. They offer e-waste recycling solutions following Canada’s provincial recycling program, ensuring that they correctly manage waste products and packages. What’s more, these factory-trained engineers and specialists diligently apply their skillset to satisfying consumer needs. As soon as they complete servicing any of your equipment, they will provide you with a free 90-day guarantee.

Their specialty covers;

  • Hard disk restoration
  • Washing machines
  • VCRs
  • Refrigerators
  • Projectors
  • Dryers
  • Massage seats
  • Cameras
  • DVD player and BlueRay
  • Printing machines
  • Video game boxes
  • Mobile audio devices
  • Media printing machines
  • TV fixes
  • Advice, Maintenance, Configuration, and Sales of Home Theater Systems