4 Benefits of Veneers That Will Improve Your Smile

Rohan Mathew

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Aren’t you tired of hiding your smile? Studies show that up to 66% of Americans feel shy about their smile. So much so that they’re not willing to smile in photos.

Everyone deserves the self-assurance that comes with a beautiful smile! And thanks to veneers, that quiet confidence is attainable, no matter what shape your teeth are in.

Keep reading to find out about four major benefits of veneers that are sure to leave you smiling.

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  1. Reshape Your Smile, Reshape Your Life

When was the last time you felt comfortable showing off your smile? For that matter, did you know that smiling produces chemicals that reduce stress and lower blood pressure? If you’re not smiling, you’re not living your healthiest lifestyle.

Regaining your smile is about so much more than taking more photos or feeling confident enough to ask for that promotion at work. It’s about living your best life.

  1. Veneers Last for Years

Perhaps you’ve considered veneers for a while, but you’re worried about the cost. While this is an understandable concern, think of it this way: You’re investing in your smile.

Veneers last, on average, for around 10 to 20 years depending on upkeep (which we’ll address later). This is because they’re made of high-end porcelain and resin built to endure whatever you can throw at them.

You can still enjoy food and drink without any restrictions or fear of staining.

  1. The Procedure Is Quick and Easy

If it’s not cost keeping you from asking about veneers, the thought of visiting a cosmetic dentist likely sends a shiver down your spine. While fear of the dentist is quite common, don’t let it get in your way of a better, brighter smile.

Rest assured, the process of getting veneers is quick and easy enough that it won’t take more than a few hours. As for pain, while you might feel some slight discomfort, your dental care expert will apply a numbing agent to your mouth so you won’t feel a thing.

Your mouth may feel a little sensitive for a few hours, but other than that, you’ll feel right as rain.

For more information on what the procedure looks like, check out this guide on the veneers process, which does a great job of explaining everything you can expect.

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  1. They’re Easy to Take Care Of

Taking care of your new veneers is as simple as taking care of your teeth. As long as you brush and floss consistently, you’ll keep your veneers as bright as the day you got them.

The biggest inconvenience facing you is switching up your toothpaste. Make sure to talk with your dentist about which types of toothpaste are right for your veneers.

Let These Benefits of Veneers Brighten Your Life

To learn more about the benefits of veneers, make sure to schedule an appointment with your dentist. They’ll be able to provide more information on pricing and care.

For more content that’s sure to make you smile, make sure to check out the rest of our health blog!