4 Best Flash Memory Products You Need for Storing Files

Rohan Mathew

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Data storage has made a lot of improvements in their technology in the last 20 years. If you think about it, only in the early 2000s, the only storage device that we had were floppy disks that could even hardly carry a single megabyte of our files. Today, people even don’t use this type of storage device anymore.

In the world that we are living in today, we now have a more effective way of storing our files, and this is all thanks to the innovations in technology. What started as a small piece of accessory for our computers has become a very reliable tool used for transferring or storing gigabytes of files and documents.

This has played a significant role in any workplace that you can think of. These flash memory products are made to make our files portable anywhere, convenient, and light. This way, you can move around easily and be secure inside your pocket. The majority of portable file storage devices are rationally priced, and dependable options are not difficult.

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Samsung BAR Plus USB 3.1 Flash Drive 128 GB – 300 MB/s

Even with a small size, USB drives have a very limited amount of surface area. So, it would be impressive to most consumers that they would create intricate and complex designs. The stylish curvature of Samsung Bar Plus’ head, and mixed with a white gold finish, gives this a luxurious and grand look.

Hence, the curves provide the consumers with a good place to grip with their fingers. Adding to that, you could never go wrong with a transfer speed of 300 MB/s and storage space of 256 GB.

FIRSTMEMORY 32GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive Bracelet

Sometimes, our job may need us to move around or travel to different places a lot, whether you are a salesman that goes from one company to another to promote what you are selling. It would truly be a big help when your documents are literally around your wrist in circumstances like these. You just have to unfasten this flash drive bracelet and do what you have to do. When you are done, you just have to fasten it again and proceed to your next destination.

Seagate Backup Plus 4 TB Portable Hard Drive

A portable hard drive is the next best step for storage devices. Here, the normal Hard Drive would usually go up to 1 terabyte of storage space, which would normally be enough if you are just going to store your files or an average computer user.

You will never know when your computer will crash or break, so having this 4 TB of Hard Drive is a practical way and is a good practice to save all the files from your computer and back them up in this portable hard drive regularly. The sleek design and the light gold-tone color is very stunning to look at.

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Sunswan USB Flash Drive 128 GB 4 in 1 External Storage

Most people are already using two or more devices, and it isn’t only about iOS vs. Android anymore. People now are more accepting to own devices from other less traditional brands. Though, it may become an issue when these devices demand various types of cords.

Fret no more, with the help of Sunswan four in 1 design, and you will be able to move your files from your Samsung Galaxy phone to your iPad, Google Pixel, iPhone, and more. You name it, and they surely have it.


Portable flash drives are one of the most convenient ways of transferring and storing your files today. They enable you to carry all your files inside your pocket or your bag. So, what type of storage device are you using? If you’re not using one of these, then maybe it’s time to replace your old storage device with one.