4 facts about waterproofing in Toronto

Rohan Mathew

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Waterproofing is a procedure to make any building or structure water-resistant. So, how is your home and waterproofing connected? Well, during construction, your house is waterproofed by using membranes and coatings to secure its structural integrity. A lot of house owners don’t realize its importance, but owning a house comes with the duty to maintain and protect it from such damages. Water has always been a major cause of damage to houses and buildings in Toronto.  Here are a few facts you should know about Toronto waterproofing:

Investigating water damage

According to your house’s age, water damage may occur differently and may be tough to investigate. While the common signs of water damage are instantly seen like puddling on the floor or leakage in the basement, mostly after a rainfall, some other signs are stains, peeled out paints, spots, damp walls, warped panel etc. there may be some discreet signs of water damage and you would require a professional eye to notice it, for instance: cracking, odour etc. If you notice water damage in the basement, you should instantly remove the panelling or carpeting and look for moisture or mold growth.

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The cost of correcting water damage

While a lot of house owners refer the cost as financial loss, they fail to realize that water damage in the house can have negative impact on the health, security and possessions of their family. In case, left undetected or untreated, it increases the risks of mold and mildew growth which poses to be a threat to the health of your dear ones. Often finished basements have furniture, possessions and other items of your family which can easily get destroyed because of moisture. It can also damage the carpeting, flooring and foundation of your home.

Waterproofing is of grave importance

When you rectify the water leakage issue in your house, it may require a hefty investment from your side. But with so much at stake, you would never risk water damage. Waterproofing your basement doesn’t just secure your home but also protects your family and possession. Long term water damage of your basement may lower the resale value of your house to 25%. Also, you may have to bear the cost of repairing and replacing your furniture and other possessions which may get damaged by mold, mildew as they are lured by dampness.

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The issue of moisture and mold growth

Though people know that mold isn’t a pleasant thing, they fail to realize the problem it leads to, in case it grows in your house. Mold inside your house is a sign of infection of a fungus which may end up causing disaster. Mold can cause damage to your flooring, paneling and carpeting. As mold grows in warmth and moisture, even slight dampness in your basement could be favourable for them.

Waterproofing your basement doesn’t just help in the detection of the issues, but also aims in resolving them in the best possible way to prevent any health risks and to maintain the structural integrity of your house.