4 Features Of COD That Will Push You For Playing The Game

Rohan Mathew

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 COD or call of duty is the best game that has gained a lot of fame in the gaming world in recent times. It is as per the features of COD that are making it convenient for the players who are ready to play this game. The game is planned on a battlefield where you can play the game individually or with a team; your team can include a maximum of 4 players and a minimum of two. You can also make the settings on your own that what type of games that you want in your game like if you want a tough competition in your game, you can make the game one versus team which means you individually will face 99 other players who have joined your game.


However, the game can be challenging when you make it hard and when you don’t know how to play the game properly, but when you want to enjoy the game just like any other professional player, you can do it by using the warzone cheats in your game. Well, here are some of the features of the cod warzone that will definitely push you towards playing this game if you are not playing it till now. Have a look over some of those features:-

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Free game that you can enjoy


Call of duty is a series of game that was generally played and developed for the play station; what makes it more interesting is that all those versions of the game were paid, and you will have to pay a sound amount to purchase that game before you start playing it. However, the call of duty warzone is the category of game that is available for free to play and use. No matter, you want the mobile version, the pc version, of the x-box version of the game, you will get all the versions free of cost, and you need not require to pay any amount against it. If you want to p[lay this game, all you have to do is to download the game from the app store and play it on whichever device you want.


High definition gaming experience


You definitely get a high definition gaming experience when you try playing this game. The game is designed keeping the modern scenario in mind, which means the battlefield that you are playing the game it is inspired from that of a real-life location where soldiers give their level best to kill the enemies with their high tech weapons. The weapons that you use in the game or the guns that you will find when you are playing the game are fully high tech and will work in the best way when you learn how to make better use of it.


The guns that you are using will have many subparts and extensions that you can use when you want to make proper use of the gun. By adding these parts in your gun, you increase the range and the killing capacity of your gun and will be able to make a clear cut shot on your enemy’s head. In case you feel like you are unable to make a shot on your enemy, you should prefer using warzone cheats of the game that can help you in making the perfect shot.


Using hacks and cheats


If you want to improve or excel your performance in the game, you can eventually do it with the help of warzone cheats and hacks that are available on the internet. It is a type of game in which your victory is so important in order to keep you motivated. If you have played the game earlier, you will probably get to know that the players who join the game are professional in gaming and also can kill you before you even notice them. When you make proper use of warzone cheats, you get a cheat that can help you in auto-aiming and auto fire at the enemy. This thing is the best what you get from the cheats that will improve your game. You will also get various types of alerts that can guide you about who is aiming at you and from where you can make a fire on you.


Moreover, the wall hacks and x-ray vision will tell you about the hiding places of the enemy; it means you will probably get to know that where the people or your enemy are hiding so that you can make a strategy to kill them.

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A platform to become famous and earn money


Have you ever imagined that a gaming platform can be a place from where you can earn money and also earn some fame? But how is that possible? Do not think much about its possibility, as it can happen with the help of one external platform where you can stream your game.


Game streaming is so fashionable today, and some players are so much famous from it that they are making a lot of money by doing it. COD being a famous game, is played by a lot of people, and that is the reason that the game has a good fan following. All these fans of the game are crazy to watch the live stream of a game so that they can learn new tricks and techniques from the player streaming and then use that tricks in their gameplay.


It is ready to use platform that you just have to join your audience is already looking to have you in front of them, but how will you earn from it? Social media platforms like youtube will pay you for it on the basis of views you get; apart from this, you also get a chance to get money from your followers and viewers. People who are watching your stream is going to help you out by contributing some share directly in your account or through the platform that you are using.


Well, if you are unable to play the game properly, you can do it by using the warzone cheats available, and you will never regret playing this game using these cheats.