4 Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

Some people are just naturally gifted by the art of gift-giving. They always know just what to get someone in any situation. Others take their time analyzing the situation and figuring out the best possible gift they can get. It is generally agreed upon that the best gift is a balance between what a person needs and wants. However, it is very common to lose track of time and forget that you have to get something altogether. Situations like these can prove to be daunting and lead to embarrassment. 

Times like these are where this article comes in. It turns out there are several gifts that do not require much time and effort beforehand. Simple and complex gifts that you can get on the spot do exist. It’s a matter of knowing about them and making the right choice. Below are many gifts that you can get when it comes down to the last minute. 

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1: A Good Book

One of the best gifts that you can give someone is a well-written book. Books are capable of teaching people many things. The stories that some books convey are also immersive and profound. A book can be a nice way to wind down and relax after a busy day. When gifting a book, you will have many different choices to choose from. Instead of a traditional narrative, a book centered on budgeting or psychology can be amazing too.

Books are the perfect gift to give when you do not have any time left. There are several libraries around and most stores have books on display too. It’s just a matter of finding the right book. One that will appeal to the person you are giving the gift to.  Provided these gifts are mostly biased towards people who read books more often. For those who are not fond of reading, a simple book about habits or betterment can change that. We recommend Thinking Fast And Slow as it affects the way we perceive our thoughts. 

2: Music And Playlists

Music is a fundamental part of many people’s lives. It is common to pass the time with your favorite tunes while on the way to work or while traveling. As such, a subscription to the best music steaming companies can pay off greatly. Advertisements and delays in music can often ruin the whole experience. A subscription to Spotify is relatively affordable and leads to better quality music with fewer ads. Playlists are the icing on the cake. 

When gifting an account, creating a dedicated playlist is the final touch you need. This works well provided you know the person well enough. Not much is appreciated more than a playlist full of your favorite songs. The person will recognize the extra effort and appreciate it that much more. Subscriptions are generally easy to get and playlists are the perfect gift to get someone. 

3: Videogames And Movies

Similar to music, movies and video games are loved by most of the public too. Depending on the individual’s preferences, gifting either choice is suitable. When it comes to movies, the age of DVDs is over and overtaken by Netflix. This makes it easier for you because all you have to do is renew or purchase a Netflix subscription. Someone who already uses Netflix will appreciate the renewal. While someone new to Netflix will have a catalog of great movies to choose from. 

Videogames are a similar story. The gaming population has been growing rapidly over the last few years. There is nothing gamers do not appreciate more than a new game. Bonus points if you purchase a game that fits the interests of the person. Some people love action games and others like slower-paced ones. A safe choice would be the new Call Of Duty or Sports games as everyone loves those. 

Both subscriptions and digital videogames can be bought on the spot. This makes them prime candidates for gifts that you can give at the last minute. Just make sure to choose an option that the person is interested in. No one likes playing a videogame they dislike. Similarly, no one appreciates a streaming subscription when they don’t even watch movies. 

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4: Clothes And Makeup

When all else fails, clothing and makeup can come to the rescue. People love adding to their wardrobe. It increases the choices they have and can potentially lead to great outfits. Fortunately, clothing and makeup stores are common almost everywhere. The hard part is choosing what to buy for someone. This is where your fashion expertise comes into play. If you are not sure of the clothing size then gravitate towards makeup. 

Foundations, lipsticks, and eyelashes are all exceptional items to give as a gift. They are also widely available and can be bought on the spot. Makeup is also delivered faster than clothing items due to the smaller package size and availability. We recommend the magnificent individual lashes offered by Starseed. 


Gift-giving is a time-consuming and difficult process. Not everyone has the resources or time available to put in the effort for gifts. We believe the above choices are simple yet effective and provide a good gift. Just make sure to prepare a gift card and thoughtful message beforehand.