Traditional Email vs Marketing Automation

Rohan Mathew

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Effective marketing is essential for ensuring that businesses are able to attract and acquire new clientele, new business opportunities, and new sales revenue. While an email-based marketing campaign can be a powerful promotional tool, automated marketing software can take things to a whole new level.

Email-Based Marketing

A proven advertising tactic is known for its low cost and ease of use, email-based marketing functions by broadcasting bulk messages in a digital format. Useful for cold lead generation as well as limited customer maintenance, email-based promotional efforts are often incorporated into larger online and digital marketing campaigns. While still a valuable promotional tactic, a simple mass-email campaign may be very limited in terms of what it may be able to accomplish.

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Marketing Automation

Similar to email-based marketing in that both tools make use of the same format, marketing automation tracks and monitors every aspect of customer interaction in order to create a more complete profile of customer needs and habits. 

The right automation platform provides the essential insight needed to fine-tune a marketing strategy or to streamline workflow and customer interactions in order to ensure superior satisfaction, retention, and conversion.

Lead Generation and Scoring

Generating new leads is the first step in any marketing effort or promotional campaign. While broadcasting a message through a traditional email campaign will generate leads, the limitations of this marketing tactic leave businesses without the tools needed to assess, quantify or collate any of the leads they are able to produce. 

While a marketing automation process will take more time and effort to set up and configure, it will be able to automate this step of the process ensuring that marketing efforts can be more effective, efficient, and successful over the long term.

Data Generation, Cultivation, and Analysis

Every customer interaction has the potential to produce useful data and insight. Businesses that are relying too heavily on traditional marketing strategies and outdated tactics may find themselves hard-pressed to monitor and record this data or to organize it into a useful form. Automated marketing is such a valuable tool because it can be used to perform these steps automatically, negating the need for a more time or labor-intensive marketing effort.

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Multi-Step Marking Campaigns

While generating and cultivating leads may be very beneficial, further action will be required for conversion. Attempting to direct and manage the sort of multi-step campaign that is required in order to convert potentially useful leads into actual sales revenue without the right tools and resources can be an uphill battle. 

Marketing automation software, platforms, and solutions provide businesses with both the insight they need to make superior decisions and the means to oversee and manage future customer interactions in ways that will make a difference. Automating key aspects of a marketing campaign allows businesses to promote themselves effectively without the need to devote as much time, effort, or labor to advertising.

While traditional email and marketing automation tools share many superficial similarities, the additional features and benefits that automation is able to provide can help to ensure more effective and efficient promotional efforts.