4 To Do’s In 2021: Best SMS Practice’s for Successful Campaigns 

Rohan Mathew

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Oh hey! You are here looking for something? I think we have got that ‘something’ and much more for you to give a read today. Talking about SMS Marketing, one of the most googled questions has got us into a fix and we set our foot to get some answers for the same;

” Is SMS Marketing Legal?”

If this is something you too have come across, let us tell you, it is legal. However, the major point to keep in mind before proceeding with this channel of marketing is permission. If you have permission, you have everything. Some laws have been devised to protect the consumers from a bombardment of messages on their devices. Mentioning the two-primary law into enforcement, they namely are;

  • Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)
  • CAN-SPAM Act

So, now keeping the laws in place, one might wonder, how to go about SMS Marketing software campaign in the best possible manner. If this is something you are looking for, we have come up with the 6 best SMS Marketing practices considering in 2021. Ready? Let’s get started right away!

4 Best SMS Marketing Practice’s In 2021

  • Consent Is Everything 

No one can hurt you without your consent. Similarly, no one can message you without your consent as well. Very similar to email marketing, SMS Marketing needs permission from your customers. Having said that, did you know why?

As per law, you should take people’s consent before you send them any kind of text messages. Messages sent without consent often seem intrusive and offensive to the receiver. Just keep yourself in your customer’s shoe. Would you like to receive random text messages? We are pretty sure your answer is a big NO. Anyone would prefer knowing about a text message they might receive in advance rather than getting a complete shocker.

Laws under the TCPA state that business enterprises of any kind are not allowed to send any kind of messages to their customers without their consent. Doesn’t matter if the customer has had a loyal customer relationship with a particular business, without their consent, sending them messages will be considered as breaking the law. Doing so can subject you to legal penalties and it hampers your brand image by making you look spammy and annoying.

Once you get permission from your customers, you should always let them know what kind of messages to expect. Also, you should provide them with an option to opt-out of this service as well. This creates a consensual relationship with your customers.

  • SMS Marketing Tool to Your Rescue 

If you are not using an SMS Marketing tool in 2021, you are not doing it right. In a world where everything has shifted to automatic, why do you still want to send out messages manually? Seems like something you are still doing? It’s time to make a shift and opt-in for some amazing SMS Marketing tools. Learn more about available text message marketing software options.

Now, the next question that pops up; how can an SMS Marketing tool help me? If this is your cue, we’ve got you covered. With an SMS Marketing tool, you will be able to

  • Send several messages at once and save time.
  • Automate your messages.
  • Add your messages to your email marketing automation workflows.
  • Divide, segment and target your audience like never before to achieve conversions.
  • Substitute other channels of communication if you do not have permission for sending messages. That’s the advantage of using a tool for you.

Moreover, with such a tool on board, you will have access to your campaign metrics and analytics to help you devise and strategize your marketing plans and ideas to achieve conversions and increase the return on investment tenfold.

  • Let Your Content Do the Talking 

Don’t beat around the bush. Craft your content in a manner that allows your reader to be hooked till the end and also make them click the CTA button out of curiosity. However, there are a few points you must keep in mind before devising your content;

  • Don’t keep your content boring
  • Don’t make it too long
  • Make it interesting
  • Make it to the point
  • Always have a CTA

So, they always say, ask the following questions before starting a particular content;

“What is it that I am offering my customer?”

Lead with this offer. If you are offering a discount, lead with it. If you are offering some sale or some extra benefit, give that first. Always let the customer know what it is that they are getting from this offer. When they are convinced enough, they will read the offer ahead and click the CTA button. Never forget to include the link that you want them to click which takes them to this offer page.

Now, the catch here is to always send a follow-up mail after your message. If you have sent in something important, always send a follow up as a reminder to that message. This is a great practice and helps in customer conversion tenfold. There is a high chance that your customer must have missed out on the previous message. Hence, a follow-up message never hurts and can be an absolute game-changer

  • Text to Business Landline 

One of the tested means and methods for a business that brings out a high return on investment is converting and switching from a text to a landline. With such a setup, your clients and prospects will be able to reach you at their convenience and this can be done through your landline. Stating facts, a landline that has texting abilities causes no problems in voice services and doesn’t need any upgrades as well.

This service is blended easily with your existing telephonic setup, a tool for customer relationship management and lastly, your carrier.

So, what are you waiting for? Now that you have all the fuel to kickstart your SMS Marketing journey, turn your ignition on and get ready to hit the road at full speed. The market is your stage and it’s your turn to put out some good shows. Are you ready for it?