5 Amazing Social Media Hacks That Will Get You More Visitors

Rohan Mathew

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Website owners, particularly those running business and e-commerce websites, need high traffic to their sites, to ensure visitor conversion and more sales. Aside from organic traffic earned from good SEO, another method to increase website traffic is to use social media, which is a suggestion from the Las Vegas Social Media Agency.

Somehow, using social media to boost traffic to your site is not that simple. Everything depends on careful study, with the help of professionals who are into social media marketing.

What is website traffic?

We’ve been talking about website traffic. But do you know what it is exactly?

Technically, website traffic means the number of visitors to a site. It is essential to business because the number of visitors equates to the number of chances the owner can add to its customer list. Website traffic gives your business the chance to share your brand, impress visitors and solidify B2C relationships.

Increasing traffic to your site provides you with more chances to supply you with qualified leads, to help them and solve their problems. Eventually, you will be able to sell them your products, acquire new customers, and improve your chances for business growth.

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How much web traffic do you need to ensure business success?

You need to set a revenue goal before you can determine how much web traffic you need. You have to calculate how much your customer is worth against your business costs and expenses.

You should study available data – consumer analytics, website analytics, competition, and more, which can help you determine what you want your site to achieve. This means connecting your site’s purpose to your business goals. Make your goals specific, rather than broad. The Las Vegas Social Media Agency can help you do the data analysis and formulate ways to improve your website traffic.

The more invested your visitors are in your company’s sales funnel, the more interested they will be on your product and ready to make a purchase.

Using social media to increase traffic to your site

Social media platforms are the favorite hangouts of many consumers. They chat and update each other, share ideas and discuss new products and services. Social media sites are fertile places to attract customers. However, you have to lead them to your site. Here are some of the things you can do.

  1. Optimize your corporate or product profile

Chances are your potential customers are already aware of your brand through social media even if they have not visited your site. Therefore, it is important to make a good impression when they finally visit. One way to do this is to have a graphic designer create a short ad layout showing your logo and brand or product image. Then have a copywriter write a descriptive and compelling short copy. There should be a clear link to your site on your ad copy in the social media post.

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  1. Provide exclusive content

You can vary your social media post depending on your target audience. If you know your core target audience, you can give them access to a special offer. By implying that you have something special to offer a select audience, you provide them with a sense of belonging. The “exclusive” tag is a great come-on. Make sure that the link to your site is prominent.

  1. Engage with followers personally

Please do not rely on autoresponders because they can turn off many people. You can assign a social media manager to respond to queries immediately, not with scripted answers, but actual responses to their questions or request for information, plus a recommendation on the site to visit.

  1. Utilize social media influencers

Relationships are important, and you should learn to work together with people who can help you, such as the influencers who can spread your message, extol your products and lead people to your website. Know your target audience so that you can choose the right influencers. Do not forget to include your expectations in your contract, and give them some creative control on their social posts about your product or service. Innovation keeps potential customers interested.

  1. Provide some good deals

Various product promotions are available, but offering a special deal for a good product makes people happy. Customers enjoy the chance to test out a product before buying it. You can increase the ”exclusivity” factor but offering special discounts to your followers that are only available through your social media accounts.  

You can optimize your social media presence with these hacks, and make sure that you directly engage with your potential customers. Building your relationships through social media leads them to visit your website and purchase your products.

  1. Use Images in your Posts

Should you use images on your social media posts? The answer is simple. Yes! Using images such as  free svg images will help drive more social media traffic and also increase your conversion rate. They take up a lot of real estate on the screen and are more likely to get clicked than text only posts. Nowadays, most people tend to skim over long written posts instead of reading them word-by-word. This is especially true for millennials.In terms of what’s trending, people are posting images that aim to evoke emotion using memes, which is basically a picture with a caption on top that gives viewers a funny or interesting reaction.